Brand New Single from Pool Holograph

Chicago’s Pool Holograph are preparing for the release of their second LP, Transparent World, and this single should put you on notice that it’s worthy of your listening attention. Interestingly, the band walk a fine line between artful rock and purveyors of pop; the vocals have the ability to come across like soft whispers or slight growls. All the while, the guitar chords ring brightly, shimmering ever so slightly in the distance of the mix…matched by stomping drum rhythms. If you’re looking for a song that’s going to get stuck on your listening rotation, this might just be the one! Look for the new LP to be released next Friday (10/13) via Jurassic Pop Records.

Digging on Beat Awfuls

beatawfulI can’t put my finger on it exactly, but something about Beat Awfuls sounds rather familiar. For one, it sounds good, using slow pacing and an almost-garage vocal approach. Perhaps one of the best attributes is that there’s brevity here, whereas like-minded groups might carry on a bit too much, throwing in another chorus. This single comes as a great teaser to the band’s forthcoming album, Nothing Happens, which will see a release date just a little over a week from now on February 12th; it’ll be wearing the imprint of Jurassic Pop Records. Interested? You should be.

Stream This Pfarmers Debut FOR FREE

pfarmersHey man, we’re always just looking out for y’all here at ATH, so I wanted to let you know that the lovely folks at Jurrasic Pop records are letting you stream the new Pfarmers LP, Gunnera, for free for a limited time. Pfarmers is the project of The National’s Bryan Devendorf, Danny Seim of Menomena, and Dave Nelson of St. Vincent…so really with all that talent you should probably give it a listen. Everyone likes free, legal music, right?