One More From Shy Boys

Here’s the deal… If you are still sleeping on Kansas City based Shy Boys, you are a crazy person who really needs to take a moment to check out the band’s back catalogue. Once you’ve taken a couple of hours to check out the group’s first two records, come back here and enjoy a slice of this new single called “Talk Loud”. Consider me ever amazed that this band can offer such a commanding performance of vocal harmonies and bright sounds while also being reserved and unassuming. Do yourself a favor and check this one out now!

Shy Boys will be releasing new album Talk Loud on September 25th via Polyvinyl Records.

Shy Boys Share Trash

Not sure if it needs to be said, but the ATH crew became huge fans of the Kansas City outfit Shy Boys since they first burst on the scene back in 2014 with the release of their self-titled debut. With numerous singles and the sophomore album Bell House from 2018, the band has been posted about, discussed, and seen live on numerous occasions over the years. We dig Shy Boys. All that said, we of course suggest you check out this new single called “Trash” which was shared earlier today. One can always love those quiet vocal harmonies, paired with some poppier guitar sounds we’ve grown to love from the band.

Adam Ostrar Shares New Track

While Adam Ostrar‘s been playing music for some time, his newest LP will be only his second solo effort. I like the openness that begins this track; it feels like something Kevin Morby might do, drawing on folk touches, though leaving lots of room for the listener. That being said, Ostrar is eager to fill that space, which builds and towers over the listener as the song moves forward; he adds in these soft backing vocals, bending guitars that ring and more pronounced drum work, all before the piano notes slide in for effect. It feels like multiple thematically similar songs all wrapped into one crisp five minute extravagance. The Worried Coat is the title of the forthcoming release, and it sounds to be brimming with extravagant folk; look for the record on April 5th via Super Secret Records.

Have Another From Shy Boys

As previously mentioned, our amigos in Shy Boys have a highly anticipated new album in the works which will be released here shortly via Polyvinyl Records. If you needed more hype to get excited about the album, you need to check out this new pop delight from the band called “Something Sweet”. In a brief two minutes the band has created a nice blend of 60s pop music with something you might hear from middle to late Smiths tracks. Currently it has hit 6 plays for me in the last 12 hours.

Once again, Shy Boys will release Bell House on August 3rd via Polyvinyl Records.

Shy Boys Are Back!

Kansas City based Shy Boys have long been a favorite among most, if not all of the staff here at ATH. The guys have been quiet for a couple of years now, and with the way things go with bands nowadays, it’s nice to hear that they are coming back with new music. As a taste of new material, the band has offered up this playful and quirky new track called “Take the Doggie With Me”. As you might have guessed, it’s about a dog the band members knew who they felt wasn’t getting much love and they want to take the pup with them. We’re all dog lovers here, so of course we love the track, but let’s not ignore the very well executed music. As always, the band is incredibly tight with perfectly timed guitars and an on point chorus. Well done.

Shy Boys will release new album Bell House on August 3rd via Polyvinyl Records.

Hey and the band will also be playing at Hotel Vegas on Thursday night with our friends The Sour Notes!

Retro Pop From The Conquerors

unnamed (2)As you can possibly tell from my lack of posts recently, I haven’t been finding much new music I’m into recently as I delve deeper into back catalogs. Sometimes though a band like Kansas City based The Conquerors comes along and offers me just enough of a throwback sound to draw me in and believe in the new music scene again. It’s as if a garage, psych band from the modern era (which is played out as hell if you ask me) blended with a 60s band like Paul Revere & The Raiders. Thanks for restoring my faith in creativity.

New album Wyld Time is due out August 26th via High Dive Records.

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More New Music From Shy Boys

ShyboysArtwork_medium_imageBack in November I shared some new tuneage with you from Kansas City band Shy Boys.  Today sees the band inching ever closer to their release date and they are celebrating with us by dropping this new single “Bully Fight” on our ears.  Yet again, the band sound as though they must be from a different part of the world and not the Mid Western U.S.  To me they sound like they could be transplanted directly from some remote corner of the UK playing beautiful twee pop such as this.

Pick up the new self-titled album on January 21st via High Dive Records.


Download: Shy Boys – Bully Fight [MP3]