New Keep Shelly In Athens

ksiaEvery once in a while, a band meets you at the place you want to be. Keep Shelly In Athens has long been and ATH IT Department favorite, but this latest track is all up in my business. Bands, pay attention, this is the wheelhouse for eternal praise from me. Great bass line, lyrics that stand out or disappear depending on how loud you listen to the song and proper synth flourishes and 808 claps. Newer Wave.

The band will be in town just after festival season, Nov. 12th at the Empire Control Room, and I will be there. You can preorder Now I’m Ready here. Coming at eight tracks, it looks to be a concise LP/extended EP that will be a late add to many top records of 2015 lists.

Slightly Late To The Party: Sundayman


So this track has been gaining a bit of attention in internetland, and when you listen you’ll understand why. Sundayman is the project of Kyriakos Moustakas, who has been making tunes since the new millennium, but has only started to go public with them in the last five years or so. This track below, “On The Run,” is a simmering synth pop jam that somehow reminds me a bit of The Magnetic Fields in its hazy vibe. While this song is great from the start, it is taken up to the next level of infectious with the addition of guest vocals from Sarah P, whom you may know from Keep Shelly In Athens. I’ve been grooving to this song all day, and you should be too.

Freebie From Chad Valley

Anyone that reads the site should know of my love for Chad Valley and all things Hugo Manuel. To celebrate the tour with Keep Shelly In Athens (which isn’t getting anywhere near us BOO), there is a download of the tasty morsel of pop synth goodness over on the Cascine soundcloud.

Younger Hunger is still in heavy rotation on the weekend playlists in the IT Department. Vastly underrated album that features Glasser, Active Child and Twin Shadow

Download: Chad Valley – Real Time [MP3]

More From Keep Shelly In Athens

The new album At Home from Keep Shelly In Athens is approaching it’s September 17th release date and so the promotional material keeps hitting the intarwebs. This time, it is a gem of dark dance synth that builds, vocalizes, dances and fades called “Flyaway”.

The band is co-headlining a mini-tour in October with Chad Valley. You people on the coasts are lucky. That is going to be one gem of show, the Chad Valley set at Holy Mountain was one of my mostest favoritest things this year.

PYAITK: Keep Shelly In Athens

Since Nathan is playing catch up, I may as well post a song I like, but didn’t share. Sharing is caring so…

Keep Shelly In Athens sent a track to the world, a track called “Oostende”. It is a single from the forthcoming LP At Home via Cascine out 9/17. It’s a pretty atmospheric number, as you’d expect, somber but inspiring. The lofty vocals and wonderful synth hook trade the lead role, one picks up as the other lets off. Check it.

Show Pics: Jonquil @ The Mohawk (4/11)

Yes, more show pics.

I am still plowing through a backlog of photos from last week’s blitz of shows. This post features shots of Ladders, Jonquil and Keep Shelly in Athens playing the Mohawk’s inside stage after the Real Estate show. And you may notice the post title above being show pics of Jonquil even though they weren’t the headliner and the reason for that is Keep Shelly in Athens turned off the lights. The projected scenes lent for a moody atmosphere, but not-so-good for pics.

More show comments with the shots after the break…

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Show Preview: Real Estate @ Mohawk (4/11)

Date 4/11/12
Location Mohawk
Doors 6:30
Tickets $13 @ Frontgate

With all the killer shows going down this week, you’re really gonna have to pace yourself so you don’t lose your job.  One of the many superb shows this week that you better get to is going down on Wednesday at the Mohawk and features great indie bands Real Estate and Twerps.  This is surely going to be a show you won’t want to miss.  Also stick around for the aftershow on the inside stage featuring Keep Shelly in Athens and Jonquil.  Duh.


Download: Real Estate – It’s Real [MP3]

Show Pics: FFF6 Day Two

Fun Fun Fun Fest photo coverage continues at Austin Town Hall.

Made it through another day of pics. Day Two includes attempts to indeed Keep Shelly in Athens, a little time on Future Islands, Fugazi’ing solo, rolling in the T’Bird, being Formidably Joyful, Tuning the Yard, Egging on a Riot, rolling on the M83, pic’ing up some Girls, paparazzi’ing Ms. Li and salvation from The Damned.

Head past the break for the pics, a link to many more pics and a commentary…
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New(ish) Tune From Keep Shelly In Athens

Always one for honesty in a relationship, I’ll admit that I really had no clue who or what Keep Shelly in Athens was prior to this year’s Fun Fest.  After my recovery period I went back and faintly remembered enjoying their shortened set at the Empire Automotive after show (I say faintly because it had been a “long day”).  Digging a bit deeper this week, I’ve discovered that the group just released their brand new 12″ EP Our Own Dream and also have about 3 tracks floating around the interwebs.  I’m choosing most recent single “DIY” to share with you guys because it’s by far my favorite of the 3.  More information and tuneage can be found about this band over on the Forest Family Records website or via P4K.


Download: Keep Shelly In Athens – DIY [MP3]