Fresh Tune from Don Tigra

dontigraThis new Don Tigra tune is something quite special. Emotionally, it had me from the get-go, pulling me in with the close attention to the picking of each string on the guitar. While that could get stale, the Nashville outfit build around the guitar, quietly and carefully, so as not to upset the balance. How they accomplish a feeling of building tension in this piece is beyond me, but it creates an ominous tone that fades into oblivion as a solemn piano takes the song to a close. The band is self-releasing their debut LP this Friday, and it looks to be something you’ll enjoy…at least I think so.

More From Twin Limb

10931147_772084042827267_5945209322797831464_nWay back in January Nathan introduced us to Kentucky based group Twin Limb and their Beach House, yet a bit more polished, sound.  I’m pleased to be continuing the hype train today with this new jam called “Don’t Even Think”.  Now I’ve probably used descriptors like enchanting or trance inducing many times in the past, but I can’t honestly come up with a better way to accurately describe this sound.  This is truly a beautiful song.

Anything is Possible and Nothing Makes Sense will hit the streets on November 13th.