Pop Rock from Non La

Two things I love are when your favorite labels team up to work on something; you generally know something great is in the water. In this case, Kingfisher Bluez and Lost Sound Tapes have united to bring this great pop rock LP from Non La your way, and what a single to kick things off. It starts off with this sort of Sandy Alex G solo work, just a solid voice and a guitar line; even at its simplest, you’re intrigued. Then, gang vocals join in the fray, teasing for a second before the song jumps off to pure infectiousness; I don’t know if it’s the stuttering of “r-i-ght” or the the gang singing along, but there’s nothing that can make this track any more fun. Not In Love will be dropped on February 14th, and you can pick between vinyl and tape!

Capitol Share Never Been to Paris

High upon my anticipated release list is the forthcoming LP from Capitol; I’ve already talked up a couple of the singles off of Dream Noise…and here we are with a third. This tune definitely stretches the expectations on modern post-punk songs, or maybe songs as a whole; we tend to always gravitate towards quick catharsis. But, you’re not going to get that here, and your’e probably better off for it. The tune naturally has this driving rhythm to it, allowing the drums to really push the song forward, which inevitably lets the guitars fly back and forth across through your speakers. This is the type of track you want to close down a show; you can feel the heaviness of the song, but here, it’s wrapped up like a perfect pop cocoon. The LP is out this Friday via Kingfisher Bluez and Meritorio.

Tim the Mute Shares New Tune

It seems that every year, without fail, Tim the Mute offers up a new collection of songs, and it looks as if 2019 is to be no different. Quietly he’s upped a tune from the forthcoming Welcome to the Sad Cafe, with a nice little teaser tune to whet our appetites. I’m not sure how I would classify his songwriting, but over here I always tend to think of him as the more charming, energetic John Darnielle; he tends to offer lyrical content that’s relatable too, which, as a listener, I always appreciate more than anything. This new album will be out on August 31st via Kingfisher Bluez/Lost Sound Tapes.

Stream Good Morning From Counterfeit Jeans

Not so long ago we shared with you a newly discovered Vancouver band going by the name of Counterfeit Jeans. Well now the boys have sent along their complete new album Good Morning and we are happy to share a complete stream with you below. What I dig most about this band is my complete inability to pin them down into one specific genre. At times, you can hear atmospheric backgrounds like on opening track “Osiris”, but then the band will throw you for a loop with a more noise rock sound on a track like “Medication”. This band is multifaceted with a ton of new layers to discover each time you listen to Good Morning.

If you’re into it, this album is currently for sale via Vancouver label Kingfisher Bluez.

New Music from David Ivan Neil

I owe a big thanks to Kingfisher Bluez for shining a little light on David Ivan Neil; I didn’t know much about the Canadian songwriter, but I’ve now gone down a wormhole of his various tracks/albums since 2014 (it’s a brief but deep catalog). Today, I’m sharing his new tune from the forthcoming What Is Love LP, which will be put out by KB on June 1st. I’m drawn to the distinctive voice of Neil, as well as the simplicity of his lyrics here. He gets a nice counterpoint when Kristin Witko joins him on the number, allowing the listener just the slightest plot twist. Those of you loving stripped down songwriters, this is definitely up your alley.

New Music from Counterfeit Jeans

Trolling labels always turns up something, even in the dead part of the year. I always keep an eye on Kingfisher Bluez, a label after my own heart with a pretty diverse catalog that branches all over the place. The label just upped a track from their first release in 2019, the new LP from Counterfeit Jeans. It’s melodic noise rock at its finest, offering up these discordant guitars chugging from the get go, while the vocals have this tendency to sore brightly amidst the song’s natural chaos. The LP is titled Good Morning, and it looks like it will drop in February of next year; I’ll keep you posted.

Another Gem from the Forthcoming A Lily EP

Back in June I pointed out that James of yndi halda lore was working on his own new album under his moniker, A Lily. Well, luckily, you’re only a few short days away from its worldwide availability, but why not tease you with one of the more haunting numbers. It begins as a brooding number, ambling along beneath a sky of thundering drums and fuzzed chords; Vella slowly lets his voice do some work, quietly whispering through your speakers as the atmospheric elements become more noticeable. If you’re looking for some emotive release, there is a light crescendo after the three minute mark, though its fairly restrained in the grand scheme of things. The album is titled Id Dar Tal Missier, and it drops on Friday via Kingfisher Bluez.

New Music from A Lily

James Vella is one of the members of post-rock outfit Yndi Halda, but today we bring you a project from his solo work under the moniker A Lily. He’s prepping Id-Dar Tal Missier and this song should put you immediately on alert to his craft. The song really has two main parts, repeated twice. The opening section is this careful bit of quiet pop; it works around a metronomic rimshot, tinkering keys and Vella’s voice as instrument. While it may not be immediately apparent, the first movement builds towards to second, with this burst of spectacular pop where the feelings give a sense of natural joyousness…and slowly it returns to the first movement. A special number awaits you my friends; the EP will be released by KingfisherBluez on August 31st.

New Music from Tim the Mute

Tim the Mute is the project of one Tim Clapp, who also happens to run a rather great label, Kingfisher Bluez. Just recently he put up previews of a ton of new music; I’m particularly looking forward to the next full-length, Do In Yourself. In a sense, he’s writing the same classic pop songs he’s always written, but I feel like music of this sort has sort of gone to the wayside, unfortunately. His voice has some Wayne Coyne tones, which would be an easy way to connect, or just listen to someone writing earnest pop songs you won’t hear anywhere else. KB will release the vinyl, with Lost Sound Tapes putting out a tape version.

Even More New Mammoth Penguins

Fresh off the release of their thematic John Doe release, Mammoth Penguins are already back with a new release, this time curated by Fortuna Pop (the label that refuses to die). These delightful two tracks appear as part of Kingfisher Bluez Singles Club, which has 12 7″ curated by some of their favorite labels/friends. It’s a subscription series, and if this is where the club starts…then we’re in for a good ride. I love the patience shown on the opening track of this 7″, waiting until the 1 minute mark to unleash its beautiful fury. The B-side is a subtle charmer, illustrating yet again why we love whatever Emma Kupa touches. If the 7″ club is your thing, do it…otherwise just enjoy these great jams.

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