Capitol Announce New 7″

Late last year I was super into Capitol when the Canadian band dropped Dream Noise, and here comes the band around the corner with this striking new single. It opens with this sparkling dream pop, accented by these dancing sharp guitar jangles. Suddenly the space opens up and Josh Kemps solemn vocals enter the picture, blanketing the dreamy ambiance in this indifferent sense of cool; his voice gets a little help by the appearance of ELIO, who really does add an extra melodic charm that playfully trades lines with Kemp. If you’re a fan of the track, be sure to grab the 7″ from Meritorio or Kingfisher Bluez; it’s out on July 29th.

Gum Country Share Another Jam

Honestly, I was just checking in on Gum Country this morning, wondering if another single had slipped by me. But, I was lucky, as I hadn’t missed a thing, though I had no idea this gem was coming my way. I love the pulsing energy from the guitars, pushing the pace with that steady rhythm in the background. The perfect blanket of fuzzy distortion wraps itself around the core of the song, not to mention the hazy bubble on the vocals; this is exactly what guitar pop music should sound like if you ask me. Don’t be afraid to listen for that slight little pop sensibility gurgling beneath the surface; put your head closer to the speaker if you need to! Somewhere will be out on June 19th!

Non La Hosts at Home Concert Footage

One of my favorite releases this year was the Not in Love LP by Non La, which was released by trusted labels Lost Sound Tapes and Kingfisher Bluez. We’ve covered various singles, but as we’re all clamoring for live music at now, DJ has opted to reward his fans with a home concert you can watch again and again! All five tracks performed live can be found on the supremely rewarding Not in Love LP; I like that DJ even leaves in just a touch of the on-stage banter; it’s like we’re all right there living the show with him. I think my favorite jam of this bunch is “YR Man,” though I’m also partial to “Come On.” Just needed another excuse to hype Non La, and here it is!

Gum Country Announce Debut LP

Why on Earth can’t more bands sound like this? I mean, I reckon I’d get bored after a long time, but I’ll be damned if this Gum Country tune isn’t the right jam for me. It’s got the fuzzy bits that make my ears perk up near the stereo, but still carries on that pop sensibility that makes a song worthy of repeated listens. The band set out to make ‘harsh twee,’ and while I can hear that applying, I do think they take this beyond twee pastiche; it almost seems to have a little psychedelic noodle coursing through the core of the song. Their debut LP Somewhere will be out via Kingfisher Bluez and Burger Records.

Non La Shares Wait 4 You Video

If you haven’t gotten to listen to Non La‘s debut Not in Love LP, then this is your chance to correct your mistakes. It’s a refreshing pop rock record that reminds me, to a degree of the early Diet Cig stuff. It has that same infectious quality, and a simplicity that allows for the earnestness of the songwriting to sparkle in the forefront. There’s just something about no frills good old fashioned rock n’ roll, and its on full display in this video, only furthering my belief that you’re life will be infinitely better the moment you take a chance to grab the LP from Lost Sound Tapes and Kingfisher Bluez.

Another Hit from Non La

Near the end of last year we heard the first tune from the Not in Love EP from Vancouver’s Non La; I was struck by the earnestness of the tune, but also how brazenly catchy the track was. Here’s another tune off said EP, equally hook-laden as the first tunes we heard. There’s just something freeing about everything DJ On is writing at the moment; I can just envision going to a show and bouncing up and down around the club, screaming at the top of my lungs along with everyone else in the room. These are sing-a-long hits that make you feel good about the world, so go ahead, make the world yours today. The whole EP is out on February 14th via KingfisherBluez/Lost Sound Tapes.

Check Out Flat Earth

It’s been sparse on the music front, so I was checking out some of my favorite, most reliable labels, which is how I stumbled on the latest release from KingfisherBluez: Flat Earth. I think they’re best described as conspiracy punk; I mean the band name and lead single off their new EP should tell you enough. All the riffs are gritty and fun, and while I can hear the angst in the vocals, they don’t do enough to obscure a nice dosage of pop sensibility. I keep laughing at the line “everybody knows that quite a lot of dogs are secretly raccoons;” it gets me every damn time. They’re also selling Flat Earth globes with music on them (they look like CDs), so grab one!

Pop Rock from Non La

Two things I love are when your favorite labels team up to work on something; you generally know something great is in the water. In this case, Kingfisher Bluez and Lost Sound Tapes have united to bring this great pop rock LP from Non La your way, and what a single to kick things off. It starts off with this sort of Sandy Alex G solo work, just a solid voice and a guitar line; even at its simplest, you’re intrigued. Then, gang vocals join in the fray, teasing for a second before the song jumps off to pure infectiousness; I don’t know if it’s the stuttering of “r-i-ght” or the the gang singing along, but there’s nothing that can make this track any more fun. Not In Love will be dropped on February 14th, and you can pick between vinyl and tape!

Capitol Share Never Been to Paris

High upon my anticipated release list is the forthcoming LP from Capitol; I’ve already talked up a couple of the singles off of Dream Noise…and here we are with a third. This tune definitely stretches the expectations on modern post-punk songs, or maybe songs as a whole; we tend to always gravitate towards quick catharsis. But, you’re not going to get that here, and your’e probably better off for it. The tune naturally has this driving rhythm to it, allowing the drums to really push the song forward, which inevitably lets the guitars fly back and forth across through your speakers. This is the type of track you want to close down a show; you can feel the heaviness of the song, but here, it’s wrapped up like a perfect pop cocoon. The LP is out this Friday via Kingfisher Bluez and Meritorio.

Tim the Mute Shares New Tune

It seems that every year, without fail, Tim the Mute offers up a new collection of songs, and it looks as if 2019 is to be no different. Quietly he’s upped a tune from the forthcoming Welcome to the Sad Cafe, with a nice little teaser tune to whet our appetites. I’m not sure how I would classify his songwriting, but over here I always tend to think of him as the more charming, energetic John Darnielle; he tends to offer lyrical content that’s relatable too, which, as a listener, I always appreciate more than anything. This new album will be out on August 31st via Kingfisher Bluez/Lost Sound Tapes.

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