Uplifting Number from Body Is Working

livingI love to follow the micro-labels of the world; it’s where you find the best tunes. Thus I spent today looking for new music all over, like at Kingfisher Bluez; it is there that I discovered Living Body. What was once a one off show has emerged into a promising new act, and this single perfect demonstrates what’s to come. It opens with an emphatic statement, but circles back with just a bit of fragility in the vocals…occasionally reinforced with ringing chords. This is one of those numbers that reinvigorates the spirit, allowing you to bask in the world of music as a smile creeps upon your face. Look for the band’s debut, Body Is Working, on December 2nd.

Stream New/Old Unhappybirthday

unhappyPlease please please listen to this new/oldUnhappybirthday. I’ve been browsing the Interwebs forever and never found a thing I liked until I stumbled upon this one here..via the always reliable Kingfisher Bluez. This record, Schauer, was recorded in the bedroom, and it definitely has that aesthetic, at least in the vocals. Musically, however, there’s a real vibrancy that shines through the confines of one’s bedrooms, crafting pop songs you can take with you anywhere you go. Remember when you loved Blank Dogs? This is just as cool, if not cooler. But, if you’re one of those that caught on early, and already jammed this out, it has a new song on this edition, making it worthy. Besides, why not listen to good music today?

Did Someone Say Peaness?

peanessThere are some really reliable record labels that probably don’t get the adoration or attention they deserve, but with labels like Kingfisher Bluez, I always go back to see what they’re working on. The label recently put up some great tunes on their bandcamp…one of which comes from Peaness. The label is releasing a 7″, and the tunes they’ve got up are catchy as anything you’ll likely hear today…it sort of reminds me of Standard Fare, using sharp guitar cuts and a great female frontiedvocal. You’ll be able to grab your own before the 7″ is released at the end of July.

Jamming This Pre Nup

prenupFeel like there’s been slim picking in great songs lately, which is why I’m glad I stumbled upon this new-ish track from Pre Nup. It’s one of the song’s featured on the band’s forthcoming 7″ for Debt Offensive/Kingfisher Bluez, and you’ll definitely have to play it a couple of dozen times today. There’s definitely a lo-fi aspect, but it walks a fine line between jangling pop and scuzzy garage rock, which is a perfect combination for my joy. Look for this 4 song 7″ to hit in May of this year.

Indiepop Delight from Sleuth

sleuthAre you looking for the perfect place where Alvvays and Allo Darlin meet? That perfect indiepop comes in way of Vancouver’s Sleuth. The vocal qualities seem to lean more toward the former, while the musical aspirations closely resemble that of the latter. It harkens back that perfect late 90s era of pop music…no bullshit, just great songs. They’re doing a limited release of their latest album, Out of the Blue Period, via Kingfisher Bluez and Jigsaw Records this month, so if you know anything about modern indiepop, you know this is always a trustworthy source.

Bouncy Indiepop from Parcel Post

parcelCloudberry Records has been fairly quiet as of late, which is understandable considering the difficult climate of running a boutique label.  But, as I was growing the site for an update, I ran across this gem of a tune from Parcel Post.  I wasn’t able to find too much information on the group themselves, but this tune’s pretty remarkable (I do know there’s some relation to Summer Cats and Fireflies).  It’s got the traditional indiepop jangle, but it also has some playful touches like the bells being hit in unison with the melody.  This is a single that’s coming via the label in conjunction with Kingfisher Bluez as part of a single series.  Sit back and feel good about yourself.


Download: Parcel Post – Centimetres [MP3]

New Fuzz Rock From Zen Mystery Fogg

kingfisherAs many of you know, I have been recovering from a birthday extravaganza over the weekend so my posts have been few and far between.  Well I’m getting back into the game with a tasty little fuzz rock number called “Raccoon” coming your way from newer band Zen Mystery Fogg.  It’s definitely a fuzz rock song that has a a rougher edge to it that is putting me in a badass mood on this Tuesday.  Oh and if you don’t know what a badass mood is, well you’ve never lived my friend.

This song will appear on a 7″ single from the band coming your way on Vancouver based Kingfisher Bluez label.


Download: Zen Mystery Fogg – Raccoon [MP3]

New Dreamy Pop Number From Village

Remember when I was saying the ATH crew has a major sweet spot for female lead vocalists?  Well I’m at it again on Monday with this beautiful new pop tune from Village.  It’s bright, it’s sunny, and it definitely has some great shoe gaze elements to it that I really can’t seem to get enough of these days.  Oh and of course the lead vocals seal the deal.  This tune “Nowhere” appears on a new 7″ single from the group which drops this Tuesday via Kingfisher Bluez.


Download: Village – Nowhere [MP3]

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