Crazy Night of Shows in Austin.

A few folks come in here from time to time to hear about shows in the ATX…and tonight there is an abundance of options. No need for words…just a quick point to tonight’s gigs.

Why Bonnie EP Release w/ Ama, Being Dead and Littlefoot @ Cheer Up Charlies – 9 PM

Guided by Voices @ Mohawk – 6:30 PM

Kissing is a Crime, The Oysters, The Sophies and Brendan Bond @ Hotel Vegas – 9 PM

Hockey Dad, Cold Fronts and Mt. Eddy @ Barracuda – 9 PM.

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Great Pop Tune from Kissing Is a Crime

I’m obviously a huge fan of guitar pop, especially when the distorted guitars sound warmer rather than heavy. This new track from Kissing Is a Crime does just that, almost creating a pop wall of atmospherics with the guitar work. The vocals fit in perfectly, delivered almost as gasps of breath, patient with their delivery. Light little touches of synth add further texture to the song, leaving this one as a great indiepop entry for the masses. Look for their self-titled LP on March 24th via Don Giovanni.