Brand New Ballad from Amy Blaschke

amyblaschkeThe opening fifteen seconds of this track immediately grabbed me; it was one of those moments that made me want to hear what came next, which in the case of Amy Blaschke, was an incredible vocal performance. There’s something nostalgic in her voice, something that recalls a time in my earlier childhood listening to folk records with my dad. This tune is perfected by extra little notes too, such as backing vocals and what I believe were chimes…the careful touch of production in the studio makes this ballad really shine. Look for her new effort, Breaking the Blues, on July 1st.

Pleased to Meet You: Gibberish

gibberishI miss the old days where I felt like the music that Animal Collective was creating was accessible; it bordered on pushing boundaries while still remaining sensitive to pop lovers. Lucky for me I just discovered Gibberish, a California duo. There’s an electronic element, but it turns on the swirling melody that aims for the lofty heights of pop dreaminess. This single just hit the Internet, and with it, I’m hooked on the sound. I’m pretty sure you’ll feel the same, possibly leaving you clamoring for more, so stay tuned to these pages.

New Jam From Tennis System

unnamed (19)I’ve talked about Tennis System several times on this here website and I’ve always enjoyed their ever evolving sound. Today this new single called “Here We Go” might just be the most impressive piece of material I’ve heard from the band since their earlier beginnings. I’m really digging the break down of the chorus here with the lead guitar wail and perfectly driving drum hits. It’s a hit.

Tennis System will release this track as a new single out on Friday via Papercup Music. A new full length is coming sometime later this summer. Oh and stay tuned as the band will be in town for SXSW.

Enjoy This New Tune by The Bulls

10444002_464584560343471_4365437836699531453_nEarlier this year I discovered L.A. based The Bulls and what proved to bea stellar EP entitledSmall Problems. Since that time, I’ve been eagerly awaiting what to expect from the ladies and today I was surprised with this new single “Prudence”. Imagine if you will that somehow Cults and Young Galaxy had a baby together and that’s about what you’d be hearing here. To weird? Hit play then and make your own comparisons.

“Prudence” is part of a digital single due out on January 15th via Diet Pink Records. Pre-order here.

One More From GEMS

untitled (2)ATH approved band GEMS will be releasing their new album Kill the One You Love later this month on Carpark Records and the entire crew over here already loves the release.  Prior to the release date on October 30th the band is offering one more new single called “w/o u” shared below.  This one is for fans of synth heavy, chilled out, dream pop vibes.  Really I have nothing else to say about this band as the wealth of quality tunes now say everything I cannot.  Enjoy.

Great Power Pop From The Singles

12079300_10154232164475898_1374419231077298841_nSometimes we can all use a little bit of power pop in our lives to rejuvenate our spirits and brighten up the day.  Today we will be receiving our spice of head nodding music from L.A. based band The Singles.  The track they have for us entitled “Sweet Tooth” is truly hard not to like.  Having been around now for over a decade, it’s hard to believe that the group can still churn out such tasty hits.

Stay tuned for an upcoming release in 2016 from The Singles.

Straight Pop From Decorations

unnamedThe ATH crew here loves us some good pop music when it comes our way and this new track called “Girls” from L.A. based Decorations is perfect.  It’s a straight pop number with some louder guitars and some super slick synth parts thrown in to really brighten things up.  Seriously, I’d find it hard to believe if anyone told me they didn’t enjoy such a hit as this.  So hit play and treat your ears.

Debut EP, Girls, is due out October 16th via Frenchkiss Records.

Edgy Pop From TheBulls

10444002_464584560343471_4365437836699531453_nThis new tune “Rumors”, from L.A. based TheBulls, caught my ear today as something you peoples might enjoy for your weekend playlist.  You’ll definitely hear some bright pop sensibilities with just enough edge via grungy guitars and hushed vocals to keep things interesting.  Think Metric, but with a more simple and focused sound.  I’ll buy that any day of the week.

TheBulls will drop Small Problems on August 28th via Diet Pink Records.

Gateway Drugs Are On My SXSW Radar

gatesI’ve been neglecting my SXSW homework as of late, but as the RSVPs roll in, I reckon it’s time to really dig into the goods, right? Lately I’ve been jamming to Gateway Drugs, the LA act who are set to tour with Swervedriver.  That alone would be enough to warrant my attention, but the group has grabbed my attention with their sludgy smooth style.  There’s a sultry element via the established mood; it lurks behind the darkness that’s embedded in the tune and enforced by Liv’s vocals.  This is their latest single, just released, which is prepping you for their visit, as well as their new album, Magick Spells via Cobraside on March 3rd.

Is That Lord Huron I Hear?

unnamed-3I sure hope it’s Lord Huron! Okay, it is, but I feel like ever since I was turned onto the band, I’ve heard far less than I really wanted to hear…I guess not everyone writes at Ty Segall speed. The LA group has always had this organic spirit, pulling in various resources to complete their sound, rounding out the folk backbone of the song into exuberant bits of well-constructed pop tunes.  The group has just announced that they’ll be releasing their new effort, Strange Trails, on April 7th via IAMSOUND Records.  I’m excited for this; I always enjoy the work they complete. Look for them on tour this Spring, including a Stubbs spot here in Austin.

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