New Music From Club 8

club8Oh how Fridays are always so much better when you get a lil jam like this in your inbox!  Since we don’t work much over the weekend, maybe you can enjoy this one during your rough Monday morning?  Anyway, this new pop diddy, “Western Hospitality” comes by way of Swedish band Club 8.  The song will appear on the now veteran’s upcoming album The People’s Record due out May 12th on Labrador.  Good times.


Download: Club 8 – Western hospitality [MP3]

Pelle Carlberg – 1983

Apparently Sweden is trying to corner the market on pure pop music.  Pelle Carlsberg is no different; he comes off more Belle and Sebastian than Jens Lekman, although neither seem to be in his vein, with the latter comparison coming from his lyrics.  His debut album comes out August 27th on Labrador Records.  Just enjoy the breezy pop this afternoon, as it might cool you off just a bit! Well, probably not, but its a good tune. 


Download: Pelle Carlberg – 1983 [MP3]

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