Another New Song & Video From Lace Curtains

michael-coomersHaving already shared with you new single “Wilshire and Fairfax”, I’m happy today to bring you another new track from Michael Coomer and his project known as Lace Curtains.  This one comes in the form of a video and is entitled “Boardwalk to the Alps”.  The track is yet again superb with its quirky and undeniably catchy rhythms throughout.  Fans of old school monster cinema will also love the video.  Check it out after the jump.

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Song Premiere: Lace Curtains

LaceCurtainsSunsetBlvd3grabMany of us remember Michael Coomer for his time in Austin giants Harlem, but with their now hiatus status, Coomer has had more time to focus on his Lace Curtains project.  After The Garden of Joy and the Well of Loneliness impressed just about everyone in 2012, it’s just been announced that we have a new album of material to look forward to this year.  Offering us a preview is this great new track I’ve been jamming all morning called “Wilshire and Fairfax”.  It’s a groovy, breezy sort of pop number with some elements of doo-wop that would be great for your early morning.  From past work, I’m expecting the entire album to be just as superb.

Pick up the new LP entitled A Signed Piece of Paper on October 23rd via Female Fantasy Records.

More Hooks from Lace Curtains

Just a short while ago we brought you an awesome jangly jam from Michael Coomer’s new project, Lace Curtains, but now it’s time to unleash another hook-laden pop tune for your ears.  This time around, there’s a steadiness to the song’s development, but it’s still got that bouncy quality that Michael’s other group, Harlem, displayed.  I can’t wait to hear the entire record; it’s all going to sound this good I swear.  This new album is titled The Garden of Joy and the Well of Loneliness, and it comes out this July via Female Fantasy–something to look forward to listening to for the rest of your summer.


Download:Lace Curtains – Bedroom Honesty [MP3]

Nice Pop Tune from Lace Curtains

I knew this was coming, after running into Michael Croomer over at Fun Fun Fun Fest last year, but I couldn’t have dreamed that it would sound as good as this track that GvsB ran recently.  Lace Curtains, Croomer’s new project while Harlem is on the back-burner is just another great spawn of that incredible Austin band, with Grape Street being the other.  Sometime this year we shall get to hear The Garden of Joy and the Well of Loneliness, which is slated to come out via Female Fantasy.  I don’t really care when it comes out, as long as it has great songs like this one on it.


Download:Lace Curtains – High Fantasy [MP3]