Catchy Pop Tune from Lame Drivers

Lame Drivers hadn’t been on my radar up until this single crossed my desk, but you can bet that I’ll be sure keeping my ears on the band, as they’re on a run or catchy pop numbers. This one kind of finds the band straddling that ground between the Mats and Superchunk; its got a little bit of a snarl to it, though you can definitely hear the band’s penchant for pop numbers lurking about. I love the cool little pop curl that comes in just before the 3 minute mark, bringing in a nice little hook before the song goes hopping down the road. Happy Tuesday!

Grab the New Album from Lame Drivers

lamedriversIt’s gotta be tough in this landscape, rocking out while all the others play to the masses with their psych-garage twists. So, how do you stand out? Ask Lame Drivers. They seem to have a formula that fits in with the modern day, yet has a knack to propel themselves beyond with a supreme dosage of pop rock n’ roll. The sounds are huge, but huge in the sense that they’re geared towards power-pop fans gathering at the front stage of your favorite arena! They’ll be releasing their new effort Chosen Era in October; it’ll be handled by two of our favorite, Jigsaw Records and Bleeding Gold Records.