Check Out This New One From Talkboy

It’s finally Friday, and as Nathan and I’s summer slowly fades away, it’s important for us to stay positive as we transition back to the working world. My new Leeds friends Talkboy have just the right track for my mood today with this new one called “All Works Out”. What makes this song great is its ability to weave around multiple genres while hitting super rising actions after slower melodies. Sometimes the female vocals sound a bit like Eisley, but then the male vocals come in to give it more of a Los Campesinos vibe. And of course, those vocal harmonies are crazy unique and downright awesome.

Talkboy will release a debut EP of new material sometime later this fall.

Gotta Check Out This New Party Hardly

Leeds based outfit Party Hardly has received several mentions on our site in the past and we’ve grown to love the efforts by the up and comers. Today the band is sharing a new single with the masses called “Rats in the Kitchen” and we are already feeling it. This one is going to be for fans of guitar driven, punk themed guitar rock complete with heavy bass and perfectly executed drum timings. Chalk this up as another hit for our UK friends.

This song will appear on a new EP entitled Modern Strife is Snobbish coming on July 26th.


Pop Ditty from Cat Apostrophe

I like waking up to really good pop songs, especially as that’s when I tend to get most of my work done. So, it was great to see this new Cat Apostrophe song getting some solid traction. It starts with this heavy bass line and steady rolling percussion; I love how the vocals sort of creak their way into the mix, like a door ajar casually blowing in the wind. Suddenly, the vocals stretch into cacophony, seemingly absorbing power as they burst through your speakers. And as quickly as they came, they’re subside to let the natural pop sensibility make its way into the mix. I like hooks, and this tune’s got ’em. They’ll be releasing their album Lifelong Amateurism via Everything Sucks Music on July 19th.

Pop Gem From Talkboy

Looking for some pop goodness to improve your mood today? If you answered yes, I suggest you check out this new single called “Wasting Time” from Leeds pop band Talkboy. I personally am loving the swirling guitars and harmonized vocals helping to create a true gem of pop music. Have a lovely day.

This single is available now on 7″ single via the Come Play With Me label.


Fun Bit of Pop From Party Hardly

While in the midst of ACL season, we’re still trying to find some good music for you fine people. Leeds based Party Hardly are here to offer up some quality for those of you missing the festival with this latest single “Football”. It’s a sort of playful song which begins simple enough, but hold out for the guitar solo near the end. This one is beautifully crafted and progresses quite nicely.

Party Hardly will release new EP Cycle of Life next month.

Yet Another Gem From Paul Bergmann

Leeds, Massachusetts based songwriter Paul Bergmann has received an enormous amount of praise on our website over the last few years. Seriously, Nathan and I love this guy’s music. After releasing his Night, Unfold EP last February, Bergmann is treating us fans with this new one off single called “Death of Me”. In simplest of terms, this song is absolutely beautiful.

The Wind Up Birds Are Back

Leeds act The Wind-Up Birds have been fairly quiet since their 2016 The Right EP, but they’ve just announced a new short album titled Desire Paths. On our first listen to the new collection, we get a tune that opens with rolling drums and a sort of fuzzy pulse; the vocals enter the picture in an almost spoken-word manner. Suddenly, the band hits the chorus, bringing in a hook with the shout of “hey/ha/ho,” before quickly returning to the verse. Be sure to enjoy the darker power punch that wraps up the song. They’ll be releasing this new effort on February 19th.

Some Post Punk From FEHM

Who’s in the mood for a little brooding, post-punk goodness? If that sounds like your sort of bag, you’d be wise to check out this new single “Human Age” from Leeds based group FEHM. It reminds me quite a bit of ATH friends Girls Names if they somehow got even more gloomy and dark. And hot damn, those vocals are truly epic.

FEHM will release this track as part of a digital single release available October 27th. Pre-order here.

Dark Pop From AUTOBAHN

After quite a bit of rock n roll last week, I’m rejoining the game this week with some dark pop music from Leeds based group AUTOBAHN. Playing on the likes of genre innovators Joy Division, AUTOBAHN throw in some electronic sounds to come across as a bit more Cold Cave like than the 80s pioneers. Repetitive guitars, synths, and keyboards all blend together nicely to produce a solid single effort out of the UK.

AUTOBAHN will release The Moral Crossing LP on November 3rd via felte (pre-order).

The Boxing Release New Single

Leeds-based act The Boxing are ready to win you over with their blend of psychedelia and the softer side of dreamgaze stylings. Their latest single excels in the usage of negative space to let the chords and vocal notes drift off, giving into the darkened dream state they’re bringing. While their psych leanings are a little cleaner here, they still exist in some of the repetition of chords, built to entrance listeners as they press play. It’s good to see the band experimenting with their influences, so expect the band to continue their growth as we await another new single.

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