The Wind Up Birds Are Back

Leeds act The Wind-Up Birds have been fairly quiet since their 2016 The Right EP, but they’ve just announced a new short album titled Desire Paths. On our first listen to the new collection, we get a tune that opens with rolling drums and a sort of fuzzy pulse; the vocals enter the picture in an almost spoken-word manner. Suddenly, the band hits the chorus, bringing in a hook with the shout of “hey/ha/ho,” before quickly returning to the verse. Be sure to enjoy the darker power punch that wraps up the song. They’ll be releasing this new effort on February 19th.

Some Post Punk From FEHM

Who’s in the mood for a little brooding, post-punk goodness? If that sounds like your sort of bag, you’d be wise to check out this new single “Human Age” from Leeds based group FEHM. It reminds me quite a bit of ATH friends Girls Names if they somehow got even more gloomy and dark. And hot damn, those vocals are truly epic.

FEHM will release this track as part of a digital single release available October 27th. Pre-order here.

Dark Pop From AUTOBAHN

After quite a bit of rock n roll last week, I’m rejoining the game this week with some dark pop music from Leeds based group AUTOBAHN. Playing on the likes of genre innovators Joy Division, AUTOBAHN throw in some electronic sounds to come across as a bit more Cold Cave like than the 80s pioneers. Repetitive guitars, synths, and keyboards all blend together nicely to produce a solid single effort out of the UK.

AUTOBAHN will release The Moral Crossing LP on November 3rd via felte (pre-order).

The Boxing Release New Single

Leeds-based act The Boxing are ready to win you over with their blend of psychedelia and the softer side of dreamgaze stylings. Their latest single excels in the usage of negative space to let the chords and vocal notes drift off, giving into the darkened dream state they’re bringing. While their psych leanings are a little cleaner here, they still exist in some of the repetition of chords, built to entrance listeners as they press play. It’s good to see the band experimenting with their influences, so expect the band to continue their growth as we await another new single.

Quiet Ballad from Dom Robinson

A friend from overseas passed along this Dom Robinson tune to me yesterday, and I was struck by the song immediately. There’s a breath-y quality to the vocals, like a singing whisper coming through. Musically, there’s a forcefulness to the instrumentation, although it will seem fairly minimal to the first few run throughs of the track. All that in mind, listen carefully as there are some emphatic moments, particularly in the song’s latter half that really bring forth the song’s earnest beauty. This is our first listen to what Dom has planned for 2017, so stay tuned if you’re looking for more from this striking songwriter.

Emphatic Blast from Cowtown

cowtownI’m so excited to hear the entirety of this Cowtown LP; there’s such energy in everything they’ve been leaking out in its anticipation. This new single, “Tweak,” even has a lyrical nod to the Bangles “Walk Like an Egyptian,” which only serves to up the hook factor inherent in the group’s tunes. But, be prepared to reach for the speaker volume, as you’re likely to have to turn it up to maximize your listening enjoyment. Look for their blisteringly fun Paranormal Romance via HHBTM on August 19th.

New Single from Forever Cult

foreverThis Forever Cult band is new to me, but I like what I hear from the Leeds group. Their new single blasts forth with some catch whoohoos before settling into some casual hook-laden vocal delivery. Musically, there’s a garage crunch to what the group’s tossing out, and combined with the vocals, you can see how seeing these guys live might just be one of the most enjoyable times of your life. It brims with exuberance, though still enough discord to keep it mildly dangerous. You can grab this track from the Too Pure Singles Club on November 27th.

Give Trudy a Little Listening Time

11169666_424097891103755_5913121165138313116_oI’m really excited to bring you this track from Trudy, the new up-and-coming act from overseas.  There’s a whole slew of things going on in this song that I find rather interesting, all leading to an out of the ordinary listen.  There’s these little elements of garage rock (real tiny), but they blend it in with some doo-wop touches; if that wasn’t enough, there’s a bit of oddity from the psychedelic realm, all glued into a pop structure. No word on precisely when we’ll get something official from the band, by way of a full-length, but it’s an awesome introduction…if you ask me.

Happily Listening to Bruising

bruisedDon’t let the name, Bruising, fool you.  There’s nothing bruising or dangerous about this beautiful track from the UK outfit.  Sure, there’s some cascading guitar parts that might throw off a little bit of an edge, but for the most part, there’s nothing but sugar here.  Just listen to the main vocal, or the harmonies that join in carefully as the song unfolds; if you do so, I think we’ll be on the same page, right? This is our first listen to the band, as they’ve really just jumped into things, so I’ll give you a heads up on more to come in the future.

Relaxed Pop from Finnmark!

1641599171-1You’d think that based on the name, Finnmark! would be stuck somewhere in Scandanavia, and while the music may be as such, the band itself comes from Leeds.  I can’t really say enough about this single, encouraging me to give the group my full backing, even on just one track.  I love the effortless vocals, matched perfectly by the churning guitars.  Towards the end of the song, my love affair just fell deeper with the vocals stretching to higher pitches. For now, just enjoy this great tune and thank me later.  I’ll keep you posted as I hear more from the band.


Download:Finnmark! – Through A Glass Darkly [MP3]

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