Austin Free Week: Weekend Highlights

It’s time for Free Week to come to a close, but Austin isn’t going out without making a final bit of noise for you all. There’s two days left of free rock n’ roll, so this is your last time to take advantage before you have to start paying to see all these great bands. With two days left I’m going to toss out my ideas on where you should find yourself Friday and Saturday night.  Don’t forget to tip your bartender! Read more

Top Ten Austin Albums of 2012

It’s that time of year folks, when we here at Austin Town Hall try to convince you that we know what’s what in the world of music.  We’re starting things off with our list of Top Ten Austin Albums of 2012.  We purposefully left out EPs, just focusing on the Album as a whole, since that’s our favorite form of media.  Before you read this, please know that this is just the expressed OPINION of ours, and you’re definitely cool to disagree. Let us know your thoughts, and make sure your favorite Austin bands send us their hits in 2013!
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Show Pics: Letting Up Despite Great Fauls/She Sir @ Holy Mountain (11/29)

After the dance party last Wednesday night, Nathan and I decided to go local and take a stab at the new venue living in Beauty Bar’s space on 7th, Holy Mountain. The bands on the bill were certainly worth two nights in a row of missing a few hours of sleep. Letting Up Despite Great Faults has one of our favorite local records of the year and She Sir played our SxSW showcase a few years back, even lending gear to use for the night, and have recently busted out a few new tracks.

Click through for a few thoughts and some pics…

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Show Preview: Letting Up Despite Great Faults/She Sir @ Holy Mountain (11.29)

Date Thursday, November 29th
Location Holy Mountain
Doors 9:00 PM
Tickets FREE

Listen folks, if you’re in Austin, and you consider yourself a music fan, then you have a moral obligation to being at this show.  First, Letting Up Despite Great Faults moved to our town from LA, and since then, they’ve done wonders, releasing the excellent Untogether this year; it’s one of my favorite records of the year, period. Second, our old friends in She Sir are gearing up to take over the town with their upcoming album (early 2013); we ran their killer new single yesterday.  These are two of Austin’s finest bands, and there’s no cover at all, so you can’t really come up with a proper excuse, can you?  Oh, and Holy Mountain will have $2 Lone Star.  Cheap drinks, great music, no excuses. Be there.


Download: Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Bulletproof Girl [MP3]


Download:songtitle [MP3]

Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Untogether

Rating: ★★★½ ·

I wondered if the move from Los Angeles to Austin would have any effect on Letting Up Despite Great Faults, but it’s clear that the only thing on the horizon for the group are great things.  Their latest effort, Untogether, is a dense combination of shoe-gaze, electronica and wayward pop; it’s a tapestry of all the important sounds of our time.

“Visions” begins things with a ringing guitar that soon meets a slight keyboard before launching into a heavier haze of sounds.  Soon you’ll hear Mike Lee seemingly whisper into the microphone; I love how the lyrics are present, yet still maintain an element of distance.  It’s a tactic used frequently by the group, but it’s the musical elements that create differentiation throughout, blending genres as if they were irrelevant. “Scratch,” for instance follows the opener with a more angular guitar and keyboard stabs, all the while a pulsing rhythm broods in the background.  Sure, you can put these tunes in the same world, but they don’t necessarily have to live together.

One of the things I like about Letting Up Despite Great Faults is the band’s ability to reside in one place, musically speaking, then another, then jump off to combine it all into a creative pop tune.  For instance, you can take the dance heavy “Bulletproof Girl,” coated in electronic beats galore.  You’d think for a moment that Untogether was going to be dance-floor ready from here on out, but not so.  The following track “Details of My World” has a great bass line, allowing you to don your best boots for shaking it, but it also has this slightly jangling guitar that only increases in volume throughout the track.  They back that right up to the fuzzier “Breaking,” which is softer, yet coated in a fuller wash of atmospheric haze.  Lee’s vocals definitely take on a more gentle/intimate tone.  It all sounds so distinctive, yet tied so well together.

But, I’ll admit that the band threw me for a loop, pleasantly.  “On Your Mark” closes out Untogether with what one can only call a true guitar ballad.  Yes, the musical structure is similar, as layers of varying sound, even an echo of the vocals, drench the song.  Still, the core of the track is the vocal and carefully strummed guitar. It’s a mellow end to what, until that point, was a fairly enthusiastic record, yet I appreciate it’s reflective quality, asking you to go back and check your bearings.

Clearly Letting Up Despite Great Faults are coming into their own with this new LP.  They sound extremely comfortable with the sound that they’ve created on Untogether, and listeners will be rewarded the more time they spent.  It might take a few listens before you can completely unravel the sounds they’ve layered atop their pop-centric song structure, but you’ll be all the better for it.  Don’t sleep on this one folks; you’ll definitely regret it.


Download:Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Visions [MP3]

More New Letting Up Despite Great Faults

Letting Up Despite Great Faults has offered up another track off their pending release Untogether.

It is pretty obvious that the band has been listening to and influenced by a few of my favorite things. Floating vocals, percussive synth, this is one pretty sweet electro jam. I am really excited by this release and expect to hear a bit more on it soon. LUDGF have a few shows pending, 10/12 at Frontier, a couple CMJ dates and then back to town for a 10/29 show at The Mohawk before hitting Japan. Maybe they will take me along to document the Japan shows. #probablynot


Download: Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Bulletproof Girl [@RCRDLBL]

Stream New Letting Up Despite Great Faults

Playing catch up with recent transplants to Austin Letting Up Despite Great Faults, I saw on the intarwebs they recently shared a track called “Visions” off the pending album to stream and download over at their Soundcloud. The album Untogether will be released 10/9. Pre-Order options include red vinyl.

You want a little New Order nostalgia? You want harmonies and jams with a floating bass line? How about a Radio Dept.-esque gazy vocal? Click on the arrow below and give the track a spin before downloading.

Show Preview: Letting Up Despite Great Faults @ Lambert’s (5/18)

Date 5/18/12
Location Lamberts
Doors 10pm
Tickets $8 @ Frontgate

We were very excited recently when we got word from former LA based band Letting Up Despite Great Faults that they just decided to transplant themselves to our fair city of Austin.  To celebrate their recent move, the band is planning a coming out of sorts with a show going down at Lamberts on Friday night.  The group will be headlining with support from new found Austin neighbors Orthy and Girl Dreams.  ATH will be doing everything we can to make it there to welcome this awesome new band to town.  Support the locals fools!


Download: Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Teenage Tide [MP3]

SXSW Interview: Letting Up Despite Great Faults

Los Angeles outfit Letting Up Despite Great Faults released their Paper Crush EP last year on Old Flame Records, and we jumped all over it.  It had this really warm feeling lurking beneath the dream-like pop that the band crafted.  As they prepare to head down for SXSW, band member Kent took some time out of their schedule to fill out a brief interview…check out their responses.  Read more

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