An Interesting Number from Ilu

There’s not too much information out on Ilu other than Welsh lineage. But, rest assured, spend any time with the track below and you’ll be both pleased and intrigued. The opening moments have this almost Germanic-electronica element…you know propulsive beat and sterile atmosphere. Then suddenly these vocals float in all angelic and your’e transfixed by an almost psychedelic experience with guitars moving beneath the electronic wash that pre-existed. It walks a fine line between the two genres throughout, almost tip-toeing between the two so as not of offend everyone…but also to draw everyone into their sound. As of now, this is just their single…dropping August 3rd via Libertino.

Have Another Alex Dingley Tune

Up until today, the song’s we’ve heard from Alex Dingley have mostly revolved around a sort of arty indie rock. But, eager to show you he’s no one-trick pony, Alex drops this new entrancing tune to show you his skills as a balladeer. A plodding piano backbone helps keep the balance of the song, with minimal percussion helping for slight accompaniment. Dingley, for his part, takes his distinctive vocals and offers a performance that ingrains itself in your brain. Don’t forget to grab your copy of Beat the Babble, which just came out last Friday via Libertino.

Have a Listen to Alex Dingley

It’s easy to be impressed with Alex Dingley, even having known very little about the Welsh songwriter; his new LP was recorded with Cate Le Bon and Tim Presley. If you’ve listened to that duo’s work as Drinks, you might have a glimmer of what the group sounds like. The drums craft a rolling feeling while chords seem to provide throbbing bounce; this all happens while Dingley delivers his folk-inflected vocals, oddly akin to Jeff Mangum. You’ll also have to give an ear to the song’s closing moment, a musical essay on the joy of songwriting. Beat the Babble will appear in the UK via Libertino, with a US release already handled by Birth Records.