Lie Ready Hounds

Feel like today had me going into a casual place of joy, so I had to make sure I introduced you to something slightly darker, like Vancouver’s Lie(note, there’s an accent over the e, wordpress sucks). The group just announced their newest album, Hounds, by offering up this smashing number. Guitars immediately push you in one direction, rushing you with their discordant chugs as the drums shatter through your speakers. Those cavernous folks help the song’s natural ambiance, darkening your soul while your body tries to catch up with the rhythm. Plus, the new effort is guaranteed good times, as it’s being released by Mint Recs in Canada and Monofonus Press in the US; it drops July 6th.

Slow Charmer from Westerman

When you first press play on this new Westerman give it some time. You’ll likely be struck by the immediate power of voice, but as the song progresses, depth of layers are added, fleshing out the track into something quite stunning. Slowed beats, strings and strummed guitar reverberate around the voice…all leading towards the final moments. Just after the 2:11 mark, this number blasts off into euphoria, and you’ll find sure-fire joy echoing in your ears. He’ll be releasing his Call and Response EP on October 6th via Blue Flowers.