Another Gem from Line and Circle

Line & Circle might just be one of the best pop groups around, and it feels like they’re just getting started. This new single seems to be their most mature number, demonstrating the careful work that went into the recording…guitars running circles around your ears, cascading in the distance while the natural melody warms you to your core. It’s the sort of pop that’s not made too often, made for longevity in one’s record collection, not quickly discarded hooks. The group will be releasing Vicious Folly on December 1st (Grand Gallop), with a guarantee of pop music you can revisit for the rest of your times.

Enjoying This Line & Circle Tune

lineandcircleOkay, all you have to do is listen to the guitar lines and you’ll know exactly why I’m hooked on the sound of the new Line & Circle tune.  It’s a hint of jangling, but there’s also this warmth that comes with the purest of indiepop…that part lays mostly in the sound of the vocal.  It almost sounds like the song could be a huge 80s underground 80s hit, but it seems perfectly fitting into the modern landscape.  They’ll be releasing their album, Split Figure, on October 2nd via Grand Gallop…it should have a pretty rad sound.

Nice Little Number from Line & Circle

linecirclesThere’s something about Line & Circle that sounds both nostalgic and current; that’s a hard feat to capture, and this is only the group’s first album.  I like how the vocals stand out far upfront, while the angular guitar noodles about in the background.  Surely people will take notice how they play upon the same ground as the Pains of Being Pure at Heart, but hold a bit more reservations in their sound, which allows the band to stand on their own ground.  If you’re a fan of huge pop rock sounds, then look for their eponymous EP on October 28th.