Show Preview: Wildhoney @ Hotel Vegas (7.23)

11700529_10106409461315020_3334396368786306187_oAustin’s got a lot of musical things going, even a growing hip-hop scene, but one thing I’ll admit it lacks is a truly solid indiepop scene.  It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s one of my favorites, so I’m always clamoring for a great show.  We’re getting just that tomorrow night at Hotel Vegas as the dreamy Baltimore shoegazers in Wildhoney will be gracing us with their presence.  That alone is enough to warrant your attendance, but there’s three local acts that are just as good.  You’ve got Loafer, Rose Selavy (who have a 7″ coming up soon via ATH Records) and you’ve got Tres Oui.  Wait, you haven’t heard Tres Oui? Me either, but it’s the new project of Nate from Literature…one of the greatest indiepop bands out there. So, those of you with that softer side of indie rock in your blood, join us at 10 PM tomorrow night.

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Late to the Game: Plums

plumsPretty sure any of you reading that are looking for some good indiepop are going to really enjoy what’s going on with Plums, if you haven’t been hipped to them already.  They’ve got that twinkling guitar sound, like our friends in Literature or Rose Selavy; the tones of the vocals are warm and calming, creating the perfect balance for the band’s sound.  They just released their new EP, Jen, via cassette on Forged Artifacts, but you can also grab it digitally via the NYOP (donate or die). It’s seven tracks that’ll make you come back for more and more, just the way indiepop should.

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Stream the Unblinking Ear Mixtape

unblinkingearFriday’s are best if they’re polished off with a nice mix tape, or a nice stream for the end of the day.  I figured you’d be best to wrap up the day with one from a whole bunch of bands that’ll keep your spirit up…not to mention it includes songs from some of our local favorites like Simple Circuit, Sally Crewe and Sweet Talk, not to mention ATH alumni, Literature. If you pick it up from the folks at Unblinking Ear Records, then you can read all about the recordings…such as where the work was done, who took part, etc…you know, if you’re into liner notes.  Anyways…every track offers something different, so enjoy your weekend and these tunes.

Top 50 Albums of 2014

TOP 50 ALB 14These lists are everywhere, so you’ll be excused if you just roll your eyes and skip on. But, that being said, we always seem to be way off the mark when it comes to our Top 50 Albums of the Year.  Sure, we have some of the sure fire hits on this list like Angel Olsen and Sharon Van Etten, but don’t even read on if you’re look ing to see where Run the Jewels made it…they’re not there. Sorry not sorry.  So, if you’re into arbitrary lists by people who like to push their own agenda, then this list is for you! Read more

Hello There Step-Panther

stepI ran across Step-Panther a few weeks back, and dammit if BV didn’t beat me to posting about the group.  On the first few seconds the latest single from the Aussie act has a tendency to dwell in the realm of modern emo (I know that will scare some folks), but I implore you to listen on, as they near the perfect jangle pop that our friends in Literature have created as of late.  It’s infectious and begging to be played over and over again on your speakers.  Listen to this track all day and see if you can grab the group’s Strange But Nice LP while you’re at it.

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Check Out the Shivery Shakes Album Teaser

Shivery ShakesWhat’s the point in running your own site if you can’t promote the bands you’re working with? As you surely know, we’re really stoked to be working with Punctum Records to release the Shivery Shakes LP next week.  It’s titled Three Waves and a Shake, and it shows their refined pop sound finally ready for mass consumption.  The dudes in the band have been kind enough to share this little teaser album video, featuring snippets of the tracks and hotshot photographer, Pooneh Ghana. You can order your LP HERE, and check out releases from Ramesh, Young Girls, Literature and Grape St while you’re at it.


Weekend Show Preview: Beyond Weekend 2

Austin, I love you.Yes, ACL gets all the headlines around these parts, but there’s still plenty of great music to be had, so why not head out on the town and catch a good old fashioned gig.  I mean, it’s Texas/OU weekend, so the streets are likely to be less crowded…and there’s really no other excuse for why you shouldn’t catch a good act.  Look below for our highlights, including a must attend Sunday night show at Vegas; I’ll be there for sure! Read more

Show Preview: Shivery Shakes and Templo X @ Mohawk (9.16)

Shivery ShakesRock n’ roll season is in full swing here in Austin, and there’s a great local show that requires your attendance on Tuesday evening at the Mohawk.  Our boys in Shivery Shakes will be headlining the night, and we love them so much we’re releasing their debut LP in October with our friends from Punctum Records.  But, let’s not forget Templo X is playing.  One member currently resides in Philly, while the rest of the band is staying local.  Sounds like the making of a great history that’s not too far off from the one begun by our boys in Literature.  Ultraviolet open up the night, so show up early to make sure we’re all supporting the local jams.


Download: Shivery Shakes – Sidewalk Talk [MP3]

Literature – Chorus

litRating: ★★★★☆

Back in 2012, Literature should have made your radar with Arab Spring, their debut LP that ATH Records helped put out. If somehow you managed to miss that gem of a first record, not to worry, the four gents are back to give you another opportunity to fall in love with their jangly guitar centric rock music. One listen and you’ll be devoid of excuses not to be smitten with Chorus and this band.

At the risk of sounding cheesy, I’m going to liken this album to those instances in your life, or in the movies when everything around slows for a second in a moment of golden enlightenment. For the twenty-nine minutes that Chorus lasts you are swept away in a fury of glittering and shimmering tunes. Each song has a pearlescent quality to it—the guitar licks ripple and glide with each other in endless loops while the percussion is like the foam on the edge of the waves of synth as they crash in. The album on a whole has the golden vibe, but there are also some extra special standouts that will have you instantly wanting to replay them over again.

A few of these songs that have got me especially hooked are back-to-back middle of the album stunners “Court/Date” and “New Jacket.” The first of these two songs starts with an infectious guitar riff that peels right through the center stage, then you have Nathan Cardaci’s voice that comes in deep and rich, but gets pushed to its peak as his voice weaves in and out of the instrumentation. The drums never stop, constantly simmering and then breaking into this epic deep rolling builds during the choral hook. Before you know it you’re on to “New Jacket,” which is less power from the start and more of a tune that builds at its end. There are still the glitter guitars from the start and Cardaci’s breathy hazed vocals, but the guitars feel passive until the song grows and grows to the last minute of the track. Really, I had a hard time critiquing and describing these two tracks as they are so infectious that I would start to play them and have the phenomenon of getting lost jamming.

Thirty minutes comes and goes, but like the movie montages, it’s somehow the apt amount of time for everything to happen; Literature don’t overstay their golden moment. Despite the vast majority of the tracks bordering on spastically fast, the speed of this record works perfectly with the music they have created. Yes, the record is brief, catchy and straightforward, but frankly I feel like the music scene these days could use more records like this to get lost in.

Another Hit from Literature

artworks-000086575693-phkdjg-t500x500Listening to the new Literature album, Chorus, I get a little teary eyed that I only got to help put out their first record, Arab Spring.  I wish I could be part of this great new release.  There’s tons of great indiepop moments throughout, filling the LP with soft touches and energetic bursts of delighting pop music.  This latest single is one of the more spirited tracks on the album; I personally am in love with the sound of the guitars on the mix here.  It’s a great fucking album, and you’ll be bummed if you don’t get your hands on it as soon as you get the chance; it is being released by Slumberland Records on August 19th.



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