Show Preview: Literature @ the Scoot Inn (2/11)

Date Saturday, Feb 11th
Location Scoot Inn
Doors 900 mp
Tickets $5 @ the Door

Things are picking up on Saturday night, and we’ve got a great local show for you to get in on! Literature, ready to release their Arab Spring record in April, will be taking the lead role on the night, and they’re a remarkable live act.  But, atop from being our favorites, you can also catch Neighbor and Rhett and Dean over at the always hospitable Scoot Inn. If you didn’t get into the Thurston Moore show, this seems like the next best place to find yourself on Saturday is by joining us at the Scoot.  Oh, and as if we have to remind you, you can pre-order the Literature record HERE.


Download:Literature – Grifted [MP3]


Literature Pre-Order Now Up

Okay, admittedly we’re going to give a little plug here for ourselves, but I’m totally okay with that.  As we’ve mentioned here before, we’re going to be helping put out the new album, Arab Spring, from Austin’s own Literature.  It’s a project we’re stoked to be part of, and one that we hope will help us launch our non-profit label (aren’t they all?) to help Austin/Texas bands.  Anyways, for those interested in getting your hands on it, you can preorder the album today from our partners (the other benig Cop’s Kids Records)  in this venture, Square of Opposition.  Go HERE to get yours now, and sample one of the sweet tracks from the record below!


Download: Literature – Grifted [MP3]

Free Week Recommendations for Wednesday

Ah, have you had yourself a little blast thus far? Who doesn’t want to enjoy Free Week?  Wednesday, in my mind, seems a little slower than the rest of the nights, perhaps giving you a breather before a most excellent weekend line-up.  Still, there are definitely some acts that you need to check out, if you know what’s good for you!

Residual Kid (8 PM) @ Antones — This is one of the youngest and most talented acts in town, so you definitely need to be there as these guys make the town proud. And, if you stick around, you can catch the Rocketboys.

Literature @ 29th Street Ballroom — Literature is perhaps one of the best up-and-coming bands, and you’ll be hearing more from us in regards to these guys in the next few weeks, as we’re working on editing an awesome video of the band. Oh, and there’s some other great groups like No Mas Bodas and Milk Thistle.


Download: Literature – Grifted [MP3]

Brand New Jam from Literature!

If you’ve been following this year, you’ve probably heard me hype up local Austin band, Literature.  Well, prepare yourself for a whole lot more, as the band’s about to release a phenomenal record for you all to enjoy.  The record is titled Arab Spring, and pretty much every song is an absolute gem.  The band’s been kind enough to let us pick our favorite jam, which, believe you me, has been a difficult task this weekend.  I chose, “Grifted,” as there’s a bit of elegant charm, and immeasurable catchiness to go along.  This song should definitely demonstrate why I’m so excited about this band! The record’s so solid that I’m sure someone will pick it up once the band self-releases the album here in the next few weeks, and if they don’t, fuck it, I’ll do it.


Download: Literature – Grifted [MP3]

Show Preview: Literature, Grape St. and more @ Beerland (6/29)

Date Wednesday, June 29th
Location Beerland
Doors 900p
Tickets CHEAP

Beerland is perhaps my favorite place in Austin during the summer, mostly because I can actually go their shows since I have a summer break. Wednesday night’s show though, it’s bringing together all my favorites in one small space, and you know it’s going to be cheap.  They’ve got my favorite local act, Literature, who of course are going to kill it.  Grape Street, featuring members of Harlem, and they always win.  Some man named Wes Coleman, who you should definitely know by now. Oh, and The Wolf and Warren Jackson Hearne too.  All this, air conditioning, good beer prices, and I’m sold. So you know where to be if you want to have a good time in Austin on Wednesday night.


Download: Literature – Its Cruel [MP3]

The Rumble Austin @ Beerland (8/11)

Date 8/11/10
Location Beerland
Doors 8:30pm
Tickets FREE

So as a part of our new partnership with L.A. kids Future Sounds, we here at ATH are glad to announce the first of many shows we have planned with the music company.  So Wednesday we’ll be heading over to Beerland in Austin for a super awesome show being put on by us, Futuresounds, The Austinist, Covert Curiosity, A.V. Club, and Waterloo.  Music for the evening is provided by local favorites The Sour Notes, Hollywood Gossip, and Literature.  Best part of all… It’s Free!  What better way to celebrate the little bit of summer we still have left.


Download: The Sour Notes – Do-ers & Say-ers [MP3]

Gun Outfit @ Beerland (7/1)

Date Thursday, July 1st
Location Beerland
Doors 900p
Tickets $6 at the Door

It’s been a slow week for rock n’ roll right? Well, we have news that should make you a little bit more excited.  There’s a great show coming your way on Thursday night at Beerland.  Olympia group Gun Outfit will be making their way into town bringing a bit of grunge with a bit of Beat Happening.  And don’t let me get you started on the fact that opening the show is one of our favorite newcomers Fergus and Geronimo, along with Austin band Literature. Seriously, get there early, drink a few beers, and enjoy a night full of amazing bands.


Download: Gun Outfit – Troubles Like Mine [MP3]

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