Show Pics: Locals Only @ Mohawk (7/26)

Black Books…with a brief visit to Cheer Up.

So we talk quite bit about supporting the locals. We also suggested making supporting the locals easier with folding in the artists in smart ways. Our friends at The Mohawk had a great idea; why not fill a night off with an inside/outside show for a cheap cover to help you see a ton of local talent? Make it so.

Perfect excuse to have fun with the nifty fifty and spend a night milling about The Mohawk and saying hi to friends with a soundtrack provided by Little Radar, Wiretree, Young Tongue, Supermoon, Black Books, Modern Medicine and a quick trip next door to catch up with Shivery Shakes at Cheer Up.

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The Weekend Update: Austin Show Advisory

Austin_MuralIt’s the weekend folks, and that means for a great deal of us our responsibilities go out the window; we can go out and party! What better way to hit up the town than by atttending some great musical events across the city of Austin? We’ll go through a quick run through of great shows we think you should at least consider attending, if you’re up for a night on the town.


Learning Secrets 10 Anniversary w/ Delorean @ Red 7 – 9 PM

Black Books, Pageantry, Shivery Shakes, Horse Thief @ Holy Mountain – 9 PM

Holy Wave (LP Release), The Zoltars – Hotel Vegas – 10 PM

Mutual Benefit, Poppy Red @ Mohawk – 9 PM


Dead Meadow, Holy Wave @ Hotel Vegas – 9 PM

Little Radar, Summer Swells, Stella, Harvest Thieves @ Holy Mountain – 9 PM

And there you have it. Pick a show, any show, just go out and have some fun. You deserve it. Here’s some jams from Black Books and Little Radar.




Free Week Thursday Preview!

austin-skyline-mark-weaverIt’s drawing to a close, but things have warmed up, so make sure you take advantage of Free Week while we’re all still getting our fill of free rock n’ roll throughout the city.  Fasten your seat belts, put down your camera phones, and buy some merch.  Here’s our recommendations for this evening.

Golden Boys, Jonly Bonly and Orthy at Red 7 at 9 PM

Obscured by Echoes and Migrant Kids @ Holy Mountain

Little Radar at the Swan Dive @ 9 PM

Midnight Masses at Hotel Vegas @ 11 PM

Treat it like SXSW…bounce around, meet new people, catch new bands, or catch bands you love.  Just go out. It’s Thursday. Here are some tracks from Jonly Bonly and Little Radar.

[audio:] [audio:]

New Jam from Little Radar

Seeing as we rep Austin, we’re really happy to share this new track from Little Radar, one of the city’s rising stars.  The group will be offering up their new album Up In Arms on April 29th, and this is our first taste of the effort.  The guitars are a little bit on the traditional rocking indie side, but the softly delivered vocals give a nice contrast to the musical tones, creating a really powerful hook that displays the band’s abilities to rock it out.  With a history that includes Berklee School of Music, it’s clear the group has the talent to take us all by storm.


Download:Little Radar – Spitfire [MP3]