Lowpines Record Come On Chaos Live

If you haven’t heard of Oli Deakin’s Lowpines project, then perhaps this a great introduction for you. He’s perched atop a rooftop somewhere in Brooklyn, backlit by the falling (or is rising) sun. You can hear the air flowing through his lips as he delivers the vocals, providing you with an immediate closeness. I love how the video pans into his picking on the guitar, as that adds to the ornate quality of his songwriting, giving each note deserved attention. If this is the sort of tune you’re looking for, you’ll find more like-minded tracks on the new album In Silver Halides; it’s being released on February 23rd.

Young Girls Record Release @ Cheer Ups (7/10)

Young Girls

Young Girls

Date Friday, June 10th
Location Cheer Up Charlies
Doors Happy Hour 4-8pm, bands after
Tickets $3 for 21+ & $10 for minors

This Friday at Cheer up Charlies is a celebration of a lot of hard work by everyone involved in the release of Young Girls new album Party Blood. I know ATH considers Young Girls as more than just label mates at this point and more like good friends. So come out and support us and support our band as they play you some sweet tunes. This is truly an ATH Records show as support is provided by Shivery Shakes, Quiet Kids, and Rose Selavy. Hell and it’s cheap too.

Stream the new album in full below and buy a copy here. Facebook event page here.


PYLON to Release Live Double LP

pylonBack in the early 00s, danceable punk/art rock made a huge comeback, but one of the bands that seemed to fly under the radar of most in that rebirth was PYLON. Still, fans have clamored over their angular art punk, and now they’ll all get to hear the power contained in the band’s live setting. Even more interesting, live record was recorded over 30 years ago, highlighting the band at their peak in the Athens scene. Chunklet is releasing two of the singles this week (the album comes out in July), so go back in time with one of the greats and grab your copy.

Texas Spotlight: New Tune from Young Girls

youngWe’ll stand by this band forever and ever, amen. The dudes in Young Girls are a blast to hang with, and they write exceptionally great tunes to go with their personality.  I don’t know why, but I always think about a weird combination of Richie Valens and the Smiths, but it might be Charlie’s hair that does that. Regardless, the group just recorded a short live set at Austin’s KVRX, and it’s got all new hits for you to taste.  You can pick up all four songs and donate to the group’s valiant cause HERE.  This is my personal favorite, though they’re all hits in my mind.


Download: Young Girls – Another Day

Fun Fest Interviews: We Were Promised Jetpacks

Man it seems like Fun Fest was ages ago at this point and we’ve been lagging just a bit behind on our post festival coverage as far as interviews go.  It probably has a lot to do with the complete lack of experience I have with video editing software…  So yes, the cat is out of the bag, ATH decided to do some video interviews over the festival weekend for the very first time and we’re hoping you’ll enjoy this new component of the site.  In the future, we’re hoping to begin incorporating more and more video with our interviews, lost in austin series, and more general videos featuring new music.  We’re like so 2011 now. Without further ado, follow the jump for our Fun Fest VIDEO interview with Sean and Mike from We Were Promised Jetpacks.

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Lost in Austin Take Away: Her Space Holiday

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re proud to introduce you to the “Lost in Austin Take Away.” We’ve been working hard behind the scenes for some time trying to find the best way to incorporate our love for Austin music (or music in general) and video footage.  Lucky for us, we ran into the excellent filmmakers of Guerrilla Waltz.  Together, we’re hoping to bring you a new experience that incorporates our love for music with the greater Austin community, shooting film all about town, capturing our favorite artists playing our favorite songs.  This is the first of what we hope will be many great videos. Read more