One More From Reptaliens

Look, we’re excited for the new Reptaliens album alright? As if you couldn’t tell from our previous two posts about the album and singles, here’s yet another one with the album’s last single “Give Me Your Love”. Yet again, you will find some intriguing lo-fi, bedroom pop sounds equal to anyone currently in the genre. This is sure to be one of our top albums of the year.

Reptaliens release VALIS on April 26th via Captured Tracks.

Real Deal Lo-Fi from Frozy

frozeYesterday I went on a big giant spin listening to Frozy, and their album from last year on Odd Box Records. What set me off? The video below! Not only is the song perfect, and the real deal when it comes to lo-fidelity, but it works in direct contrast with the video. Yet, when watching, it all works together so magnificently. I don’t really know how much more I can love this band right now, but all Iknow at this point is that this track will come out on a release some time in the future (hopefully later this year). Anyways…these guys aren’t lo-fi pretenders, which makes them all the better…that and the song kills.

Lo-Fi Pop from Reptaliens

reptalienIn my mind, lo-fi music is meant to sound intimate and personal, but the sounds coming from Portland’s Reptaliens is quite a bit more. Musically, you get the feeling it was recorded on the floor of the bedroom, filled in perhaps with some studio help, but the central theme of the song runs behind the calming delivery of singer Bambi. It’s the perfect blend of dream-pop aesthetics with an other-worldly recording, elevating the song to a certified hit; this song’s perfect for any time of day. Look for more from the band as they solidify the project in 2016.

More from Strange Faces

stoneStrange Faces seem to be band everyone is talking about at the moment, or at least in some circles. Their latest single before the release of their album next week hits on the lo-fidelity charm we’ve all been enjoying. Still, there’s a fluid bit of pop-centric guitar playing that keeps the interest of the listener; it seems like the song’s always circling back to offer you some hook you won’t be able to put down. If things shape up as the single leads us to believe, Stonerism, should be one hell of a way to end the year; it’s out next Friday via Autumn Tone Records.

Strange Faces Define Lo-Fi

EtHnj8W61v9AxZlCMRp86rwX31srFVD9FknMV2nISeg41jmojnFJp5wrepwdILzoEb342PBrqzsbIbf0ZDIdmUFiXvQXbB4pHfXLjW-BpAMlTs0equBkQ0PjyCd5oNScQAs the weather gets colder and we near the end of year, I always struggle to discover new music when we begin focusing on best of lists.  Chicago based band Strange Faces has woken me from my new music slumber today with this awesome new track called “I Saw Your Face”.  This is a song that truly defines what it means to be in the lo-fi pop genre.  Think The Men if they washed out everything about their sound and got a bit more poppy.

Stonerism is due out on December 11th via Autumn Tone Records.

Steady Jam From Low

mainLow has been around the game for years now and have put out more than their fair share of hits.  With such a history, you’d think the well had run dry, but as evidenced by this jam “What Part Of Me”, the band is still capable of producing gems.  This one is a short and sweet lo fi track worthy of being labeled a pop hit.  Press play and enjoy.

Low will drop Ones and Sixes via Sub Pop on September 11th.

Fuzzy Garage From The Dying Shames

dying shames

Some days are for rock and roll, and thankfully the The Dying Shames are here to help. This band is a four piece from London who’ve got a brand spanking new EP up on their Bandcamp page for you to rock out with. They’ve got a bluesy garage sound to their lo-fi rock, and “The Bitch” below showcases this sound quite nicely. This self-titled EP is out officially in May, but take advantage of the tunes now; you won’t regret it.

This Half Japanese Song Is Pretty Good

halfsiesNo! This song is not half-English, half-Japanse. It’s the name of the band, Half Japanese. The legendary outfit is returning with their first record in 13 years, which is probably about the first time I ever heard of the group.  Listening to these songs sort of shows me how influential the group has been, though it’d be hard to trace the exact influential lineage.  Still, if you listen to a lot of the lo-fi or oddball pop being crafted, it seems like there had to be an origin somewhere; I like to think it was with this band.  They’ll be releasing this new album, Overjoyed, via Joyful Noise Recordings in just two weeks!

Lo-Fi Pop from Jackson Scott

tumblr_inline_mhpmrvFGQc1qz4rgpDon’t you love it when there’s a shroud of mystery swirling around a musician and his work? Sure, it adds intrigue, but it also seems like the artists is making a statement like “hey, you don’t need to know me, just listen to my music.”  In the case of Jackson Scott I’m completely okay with that attitude, especially considering the songs are so ridiculously good.  There’s definitely a creepy vibe going on in these lo-fi pop jams, but I can’t help but find myself completely sucked in to the songwriting. He’s currently giving away his album, Melbourne, right now, so go HERE and get lost in his world.


Download:Jackson Scott – Evie [MP3]

Great New Lo-Fi from Fantasmes

I haven’t really been able to find some super punk rock lately, so I’ve been delving into some weird lo-fi tunes left and right.  My latest discovery, via some secret special friends, comes to us by way of Puerto Rico/NYC outfit Fantasmes.  Their latest effort Redness Moon just came out today, and this title track is something I’ve been obsessing over.  Whether it’s the brooding music or the way the lyrics casually glide over it all doesn’t matter, but what matters is that I’m just going to play this song on repeat.  I can see some psychedelic links too, so that should appease friends looking to drop out.  Regardless, it’s interesting, so give it a go.



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