Brand New Tune from Woolen Men

woolThe last few releases from Woolen Men really warmed me over, and it didn’t hurt that they were working with our friends over at Loglady Records.  Now the band is working with Woodsist for their brand new LP, Temporary Monument.  Their first single is reminiscent of 80s college radio rock, blended with a bit of that Cali haze a la Fresh and Onlys.  It’s also important to note that the song’s notes on the SC page indicate a situation that seems to be going on all across the States…bands fighting for their survival in lieu of corporate interests. You can grab the new album on September 4th, and stream the single below.

The Latest from The Woolen Men

427246_476717059042868_337800856_nOkay, so this isn’t exactly the latest, but this tune from The Woolen Men slid in towards the end of the year, and for some reason, even though I noticed it, I hadn’t written a thing about it…so I had to continue with our tradition of including the band in our January coverage (every January since 13′).  This new track, or recent tune, comes from the band’s Rain Shapes EP, which is being tossed out by Loglady Records. There’s a blend of jangling indiepop, but it also has some Americana notes; it’s sort of a Northwest version of the Feelies.

New Music from Woolen Men

woolen-menNot sure why people seemed to skip over the latest jam from Woolen Men when it popped up late last week.  The band have put together another jam, using these jagged guitar chords and off-kilter vocals.  It’s a really roots-y feeling rock jam, filled with a natural energy that comes with just a hint of hip swinging and foot stomping.  It’s a rather fast tune, which is fitting as it’s coming out on the band’s Quick Trips EP, which will be released by the trusted folks over at Loglady Records.  Let this tune take you through the rest of the day.

New Music from Corey of Terry Malts

coreyI definitely don’t hide the fact that I adore Terry Malts, who are about to have a great week.  But, on the side, their guitarist Corey Cunningham has something going on the side, which I’m quite enjoying.  It’s the limited Is This Really Really Real 7″, which is being put out by LogLady Records.  Sure, there’s that distorted darkness that the Malts often take on, but there’s a drum machine serving to propel the song forwards, whilst the guitar carefully accompanies Corey’s soft vocals.  I don’t see any reason why this track won’t gain a lot of steam this week; it’s a definite hit in my book!

Permanent Collection Ready New EP

LL013__permanent_collection_no_void_coverOur friends over at Loglady Records are going to finish out 2013 strong, with a few more excellent releases up their sleeve for September.  One of those releases is coming on September 10th; it’s the new Permanent Collection EP, titled No Void. The track below is one of my favorites, opening up with a barrage of noise before settling into the meat and potatoes of the track.  The guitar has a faint jingle-jangle to it, while the vocals carefully drape themselves atop the track.  It’s going to be a fun listen, so get yourselves ready to pick it up in a few weeks.

Blissful Pop Tune from Legs

legs-e1361513246175We were happy to help our friends over at Loglady Records toss a rad party at Trailer Space during SXSW, so in exchange, they gave us this gem of a record from Legs.  I’ve got news for you folks, this is going to be your Spring party album.  Listening to their first single, it’s got an interesting angle…at first it just seems like a gentle ballad, but the ringing guitar and pounding rhythm section propel it from average jam to certifiable hit.  Today is one of those days where things just fit in perfectly.  You can expect big things from the band when Pass the Ringo comes out from Loglady on April 23rd.

ATH + SXSW: Loglady & Cakeshop Records Showcase @ Trailer Space (3/15)

cakeshoplogladyshowcase (1)[1]

I mentioned that ATH would be sponsoring multiple events during SXSW so today I need to let you know about another great show we’re promoting during the festival.  This one is a night show on Friday out on with amigos over at Cakeshop Records and Loglady Records.  We know your evening options are limited so we better see you there.  More deets:

Date: Friday, March 15th

Time: 6:30pm

Location: Trailer Space Record Store

Lineup: Dead Angle, Waxahatchee, Grandma’s Boyfriend, Permanent Collection, TV Ghost, California X, Part Time

Free and open to the public with FREE BEER for 21+.


Download: Permanent Collection – It’s Alright [MP3]