What We’ve Been Listening To: Panic Pocket

Another event we had to cancel this year was our Words and Music At The Skep Festival we host in our barn. We had a great line-up of poets and musicians booked in for May, but obviously it never happened. We did a virtual mini-version of it on YouTube, which was fun, but not as fun as the real thing would have been. One of the bands we were most excited about seeing was Panic Pocket, a female duo (Selphie and Nat) from London. This is “Pizza In My Pants.” – Amelia

Song features on Never Gonna Happen EP; stream/buy it HERE.

Me Rex Announces Stegosaurus EP

If you’re one of those folks that really enjoyed We Were Promised Jetpacks, you’re going to really enjoy listening to Me Rex, to a certain degree. It has that same sort of distinctive feel to it, though I’ll admit there’s a little more restraint in what Myles McCabe is doing here, holding back from those blasting choruses. I think therein lies his success on this song, as it allows a bit more intimacy between songwriter and listener, perhaps owing to the personal sentiment in the lyrical content. This track comes with the announcement of the new Stegosaurus EP, which drops November 27th via Big Scary Monsters.

Wicketkeeper Share Their Debut LP

I’m so grateful for the reliable labels that never seem to miss for me, you know, like Trouble in Mind or Fire Talk or, as is the case here, Meritorio Records. They just announced the debut LP from London’s Wicketkeeper, and they’ve left behind a trail of pop bread crumbs to tease you along the way. Their sound kind of skitters all over in the tracks they’re currently offering up, from the great wall of guitar pop featured “The Side” to the 90s college yearbook of “Spin;” these are all glorious guitar songs to help you piss of the neighbor next door…or, I mean, to just turn up super loud as you sped down the Autobahn. Shonk is out on October 16th.

Driving Number From Pynch

As we all continue to push through more quarantine life this summer, it’s been fantastic for us music bloggers to keep receiving so much new music from artists working from home. Today we have this new tune called “Somebody Else” which was written and produced by songwriter Spencer Enock for his band Pynch. The tune definitely has a more lo-fi take on the garage rock genre of a band like The Strokes if their songs incorporated a more driving sound with epic progressions. As someone who typically looks for those solid and spell binding song progressions, this one is right up my alley.

“Somebody Else” is available on all streaming platforms now.

Tim Wilds Shares Debut Single

This pandemic is fucking with my head. One moment, I’m sitting there, you know, contemplating and what not. Then I’m off ready to run and rock. With this track from Tim Wilds, I think it’s perfect for the first state. It opens with quietly picked notes; you can hear Wild’s slide his hand up and down the neck of the guitar changing notes. When Tim comes into the picture with his voice, it offers deepened tones, calming as he carries syllables into the next. There’s something so narrative in the presentation, as if the song is some newspaper boat set adrift on a small stream, carried by Wilds’ voice. Something gentle to set your mind at peace.


Love This New Honey Lung Tune

Over the last year or so, London based group Honey Lung has quickly been moving quite a few songs into year end lists and various other playlists of mine. Yet again I feel like the guys deliver another real slam dunk in the indie rock genre with this new single called “Big”. I absolutely love the intricate and dueling guitar work on this track. All of the separate parts blend into each other effortlessly and offer the listener a fantastic piece of music.

Honey Lung will release a new EP entitled Post Modern Motorcade Music on May 29th via Big Scary Monsters.

It’s Time You Listen To Sorry

If you have yet to check out the young, up and coming folks in London based Sorry, it is now time for you to do so. After the release of their new album 925 a couple of weeks ago, the band now have this new single with accompanying video for album track “Perfect”. For me, this perfectly encapsulates the raw sounds of a band who can take darker genres like goth/new wave and seamlessly intertwine them with more pop oriented sounds. It’s incredibly refreshing to hear a band who buck trends to create something completely their own.

I suggest you pick up the stellar new album 925 from Domino right now!

Fantastic New Song From Sorry

Well I have emerged from my week long hiatus and am back and ready to share some new tunes again. Today I’ve got this one called “As the Sun Sets” from London based upstarts Sorry. What I dig about this track is its effortless ability to meander between multiple genres like folk, pysch, and indie rock while sounding like a true opus of a song. Some of the sonic moments here truly special and mesmerizing.

Sorry will release their debut album 925 this Friday via Domino. Pre-orders are up now.

Dreamy Rocker from Hussy

I’ve been off battling a cold all week, so it’s good to find a nice little rocker to squeeze into the playlist on a Thursday, just before we roll into the weekend. This Hussy (not to be confused with THE Hussy) tune is really great, and I honestly can’t quit playing it super loud. It offers this fuzzed jangling riff, coated in atmospherics that set up the immediate bounce of the vocals; I love the urgency in Sophie Ellison’s voice as the tension in the track builds. Sometimes you just need a jam of a song to come in and lift your spirits, and pretty sure this tune’s spot on in that fashion. Go on, have fun.

The High Wire Share 1st to Dream

Obviously been in the mellow moods this week, judging by the majority of my coverage, so why not further go down that road with this new track from The High Wire. This is this stretched out drifting number, falling just on the edges of guitar pop. The band incorporates these little ornate orchestral touches that really pull on the heartstrings; I, of course, was drawn to the sullen nature of the vocals, hanging out ever so casually as the musical element really provided the song with movement. If you dig it, check out the London outfit’s new album, the Salt Edge.

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