New Music from Cross Wires

There’s something animalistic about the way Cross Wires pull of their brand of pop. The chords are scuzzy, and the drum work just rolls the song right along; it’s executed with such an infectious urgency that you won’t be able to pull yourself away. Soft “has” in the faint distance only make the track more memorable, stuck in your head for the rest of the day. These Londoners will release their new mini-album, Living In a Radio City, on December 8th.

Hear New Music from Honey Lung

I’m just really feeling this Honey Lung tune, so I had to share it with you all. It’s actually a pretty relaxed number, working predominantly around a semi-angular guitar chord that rings in your ears as the vocals calmingly dance their way on top. A few spots the band does employ the modern shoegaze touch to stretch the song’s vibe, but the settled moments return, definitely winning this listener over; seems perfect for letting your mind drift off into the day. They’re young London upstarts, but let’s hope they keep up this promise.

Bright New Single From Swimming Tapes

I might be a bit late in sharing this one, but who cares really when the song is so good. The song is “Whats On Your Mind” and is brought to you by London based group Swimming Tapes. It reminds me a bit of a band like Beach Fossils with it’s bright and sunny guitars over quiet, yet perfectly placed vocals. This should be an easy listen and easy song to enjoy for just about anyone.

Swimming Tapes will release new EP Soft Sea Blue on September 15th via B3SCI Records in the U.S. and Hand in Hive Records everywhere else.

New Music from Rory McVicar

I’ve posted previously about Rory McVicar, but this time around, you’re getting a slightly different sound from the London songwriter. The verses have this huge fuzzy guitar riffing in your ears, which gives the song a heavier tone…that’s slight contrast to McVicar’s early works. But, in that he’s able to connect the dots by offering up a pleasant pop croon during the choruses; this allows Rory to bring in new fans, while still adhering to what’s made him so dear to our hearts. He’s finishing up the touches on his latest LP, so expect to hear more from him in the very near future.

Exciting Stuff from Factory Seconds

I love how Art Is Hard Records always manage to unearth a golden gem from an up-and-comer; they were one of the early champions of Joanna Gruesome for instance. I’m really digging this Factory Seconds tune on their new Postcard Singles Series. There’s a little bit of indifference from the way the vocals are delivered, but the impact of the song is instilled in listeners via the sounds haunting the background. At times there’s these fading guitar chords staggering in the speakers, while little sonic blips also burst through. The group’s fairly new, but what an exciting bit of promise from the get-go.

Enjoy the Whooperups

Just yesterday a ran a track from Wolf Girl, and there’s some similarity in The Whooperups, namely Becky who plays in both bands! Even more important to this Spook School superman is the presence of Anna Cory. All the band’s have a similar sound, with spirited guitars played with a jagged edge, though this act is all female power! The tracks below are super catchy and brief, giving you enough enough to whet your whistle and send you back for more listening. They’re releasing their Sensible Daydreams EP today via Everything Sucks Music, and I know a bunch of folks that are going to rush to pick it up…so be one of them!

Hazy Pop From Heavy Heart

13680794_1062590187111474_356682200736920488_nI’d like to take a brief second of your time and introduce you to this up and coming band from London called Heavy Heart. The group has been releasing a song every month this year and they just sent over their August song entitled “Fever Dream”. I’d liken the band to haze pop greats POBPAH but also with a little bit more bite with that heavy break down about 2 minutes in. This guy can’t wait to hear what they put out next month.

Premiere: Full EP Stream From Over Sands

over-sands-press-photo-2As if you weren’t hearing enough about London based Over Sands from us, the boys have let us offer up a premiere of their new EP in full. You should definitely bethinking we are really into this band based on the amount of posts they’ve received over the last couple of months. If you have yet to check them out, now is the time. They seem to effortlessly mix catchy beats like a Yeasayer type band and blend them with all the best things about dream pop.

If you’d like a physical copy of their new EP entitled Roman Rooms, you can know buy one physically right here.

Another One From Over Sands

over-sands-press-photo-2Man these dudes in London based Over Sands continue to impress me as they release more and more new music. Only about a month ago we heard new track “Memory House” and now they’ve given meyet another beauty called “Woke up Haunted”. It’s sort of like if Grizzly Bear and Efterklang got together to make bright, soaring, and downright enchanting pop music. Keep ’em coming.

Over Sands has delayed the release of their new EP Roman Rooms, which will now be released on September 2nd.

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