Another New Jam From Milly

Los Angeles based outfit Milly is quickly becoming one of my favorite new artists to emerge this year. The duos upcoming album, Eternal Ring, has been hitting me with all the feels for early aughts and late 90s style post-emo music with hints of slackerdom and guitar rock. If any of those sounds and styles sound intriguing to you, might I suggest you check out the bands latest single “Ring True”. I love the way this band can pull off these sort of subtle, mellow moments and then kick it up a notch with some loud guitar.

Eternal Ring is out on September 30th via Dangerbird Records. Pre-orders are live now.

Cam Bina Shares Saturn in June Video

Cameron Bina was an Austin staple, recording friends and helming Strange Mother, but he’s since found a home in Los Angeles, and is operating as Cam Bina. Today, we’re sharing a video for his latest single “Saturn in June,” which revolves around a circular guitar groove and these musical stretches that feel like they’re filled with desert gazes and astronomical flares. For me, the highlight comes when you hit the 2:26 mark, and Bina’s voice rises to the front, accompanied by the ferris wheel spinning from the background. Here’s to Cam and his great songwriting and to hoping we hear more soon!

Grooving New Tune From Gold Star

Marlon Rabenreither is a Los Angeles based songwriter who has spent the last decade creating music under the moniker Gold Star. Though it’s been quite awhile since we’ve heard from Rabenreighter or posted about him on our site, his new single “Cherry Red” is a nice way to welcome him back to the ATH pages. The song is perfect for his California home as one can almost envision oneself driving down a coastal highway with the driving nature of “Gold Star” on the radio. It’s atmospheric and hazy, yet also bright and full of Americana inspiration.

This track will appear on new album Headlights U.S.A. Parts I & II due out on September 30th. Pre-orders are live now.

Slick New Tune From Jake Tittle

Jake Tittle is a Los Angeles based singer/songwriter who has been making and recording music in the SoCal area for near on seven years at this point. Though you may not yet be familiar with Mr. Tittle, I am sure you will start giving him your attention after having a listen to his new song “Fair Warning”. I love his craft here as a songwriter who doesn’t simply strum a guitar and sing, but also offers some really slick backing beats to turn the song into much more of a summer jam. Give it a listen.

Jake Tittle has plans for a new full length album coming out hopefully later this summer.

Premiere: No Win Release Hit The Line

Danny Noguieras is an LA based songwriter, engineer, and producer who has spent years touring with indie bands and recording big names like Built to Spill, Together Pangea, Little Joy, and The Regrettes. Though much of his career has been spent supporting the songwriting of others, Noguieras has also quietly spent time creating tunes under his own project No Win. Now it’s sort of a solo project, but his new album also features some friends he brought along the way to collaborate on the production of No Win’s new LP Dodger Stadium (Jeff Enzor & David Jerkovich are both heavily involved).As we anticipate the August 19th release date, have yourself a listen to new single “Hit the Line” and soak in the carefree, indie rock meets pop vibes. You’ll be glad you did.

Pre-orders for No Win’s new album Dodger Stadium are live now via Dangerbird Records.

Human Barbie Share No Worries

When I pressed play on this new Human Barbie jam, I was immediately hooked. There’s something about the vibe that feels like a weighted blanket, comforting and heavy, in a sense. Then the vocals come in and offer this quieted whisper, stretching a hand out to the listener to pull them deep into the track. Fill the track with a little instrumental moment of shoegazing and you’ve got this nice little dreamy summer jam to get lost inside. If you’re into it, the song will appear on a brand new EP that’s slated for an October release, courtesy of the folks at Poor Man Records.

Stream New EP From Astrologer

Andrew Cameron Cline is an LA based musician who created his recording moniker Astrologer roughly a year ago to seek out new pop music adventures. After working on some material off and on over the last year, Cline has a new, 6 song EP entitled Ledgermain (L) coming out tomorrow via Lolipop Records. Just ahead of the release, we’re pleased to offer a little sneak peak of the EP with this exclusive stream of all 6 songs below. The EP has an overall fuzzy pop focus with inspirations from eras like 60s garage pop mixed with more modern psych influences like Fuzz or Ty Segall. It’s fun as hell.

Premiere: Near Beer Drop Dead Drummers

Before you head out on your Thursday night adventures, I’d suggest taking a listen to this new tune “Dead Drummers” by Joey Siara’s new project Near Beer. For me, it’s always refreshing to hear a band who can ruthlessly slam through a true rock n roll song with fast timings, raucous energy, and timely guitar licks. It’s sort of like if Japandroids melded with the more Americana vibe of say The Hold Steady. Have a listen, and if we don’t see you tomorrow, stay strong out there over the long weekend.

Near Beer’s self-titled debut album will drop on July 15th via Double Helix Records.

Milly Release Nullify Single

MILLY is a Los Angeles based group who make their very own brand of slacker style, post-emo themed rock music. A lovely example of their style can be found with this brand new single called “Nullify”. It features a sort of early Smashing Pumpkins guitar sound mixed with bits of slower, emo driven bands like say American Football. However you want to label them or brand them, it’s a rocking track for your Thursday morning.

This new tune will appear MILLY’s new album entitled Eternal Ring due out September 30th on Dangerbird Records. Pre-orders are live now.

Melodic New Tune From Worthitpurchase

California based outfit Worthitpurchase dropped this new tune called “Anne Hedonic” this morning and it seemed like a nice, mellow way to ease you into the afternoon. The track has a clear dream pop inspiration with its soft melody and bright vocals, but the combination of the driving bass throughout is what truly makes it a memorable tune. It gives it this catchy, thumping and bouncy feel. I hope you enjoy.

This track will be on a new release entitled Truthtelling due out August 5th on Anxiety Blanket.

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