New Track From Tennis System

tsLos Angeles based group Tennis System are returning in 2014 with some new material and below you can find their latest single “Memories & Broken Dreams”.  It’s a little bit of taistey, atmospheric pop music that’s sure to be a treat for your ears.  Enjoy and let us know your thoughts.

You can pick up their latest LP entitled Technicolor Blind on October 21st via PaperCup Music.

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Nice Bit of Pop from Easy

easyYou’ve got to start off Monday’s rather gently, especially after all the music fans in Austin endured an incredible week of shows.  So , in lieu of that concept, I bring you this tune from Easy, a rad little act from LA.  They craft this careful pop music that rises and falls, often with orchestral touches and changes in rhythm throughout the track.   Personally, I dig how they speed things down, then revert back to a gentler pace; it’s a good little effect, and one that allows for the band’s songwriting to be put in full display. Expect to hear more from these guys going forwards.


Download: Easy – Foxholes [MP3]

Great New Track From Criminal Hygiene


If it needs to be said again, I’m a huge fan of L.A. based rockers Criminal Hygiene and their noisey, gritty, punk rock twanged sound.  I believe my fandom began around this time last year when I was jamming the band’s debut, self-titled LP.  Then SXSW came, and the band secured my allegiance with their high energy and raucous live show.  So with all of that out of the way, the point of the post is to share with you this incredible new track by the band called “Withdrawn”.  I’m hearing a bit of a more polished and focused sound from the band here, but of course they haven’t lost their punk edge.  Personally, I think this is a tune that shows us a band who can really make something of themselves in the future.  I’m in.

This track is on a new EP of same name that can either be streamed on bandcamp or purchased via vinyl format from Cultist.

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Great Track From James Supercave


Here’s to hoping you enjoy this new track called “The Right Thing” from Los Angeles based James Supercave.  I personally find the tune irresistable.  Locked within we have what is primarily this synth tune, that then melds into this guitar heavy, epic rock n roll number set for arenas all over America.  Some might even hear some similarities to early MGMT here.  Either way, I think it’s super duper.

New album, The Afternoon, will be out on March 25th via Hit City USA.

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Great New Track From Criminal Hygiene

Upload Day SxSW 0314123211Los Angeles based homies Criminal Hygiene are a band that really made a name for themselves in the ATH musical guidebook during SXSW last year with their rowdy and intense live performances.  They also staked a claim in my music notes with their highly underrated 2013 debut release CRMNL HYGNE (fully streamable on bandcamp btw).

My fandom out of the way, the point of this post is to let you know that the band just sent us this new track “Pickman” to share with you guys.  The song is just downright badass from start to finish.  It begins in the typical sludgy rock style I’ve grown accustomed to from the guys, and then ends with some thrashing, intense rock n roll that’s sure to wake up even the casual rock fan.  WAKE UP.

This jam can be found on the soundtrack for the new transmedia novella project The Red Bicycle.  The digital soundtrack features tons of great music from local L.A. bands and is free with purchase of the novella.  You can pick that one up for only $9 over on Big Cartel.

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New Indie Pop from Army Navy

tumblr_mkpt6vyrGa1qdmr6mo1_500It’s hard to be angry at the world when there’s such positive, emotionally speaking, music out there to encourage us to all take life in, happily. Army Navy specialize in crafting catchy indie pop with calming vocals that allow for maximum enjoyment play after play.  On this tune, there’s a jangling swing that goes down just at the chorus, and it makes my indie heart swoon just listening to it.  The band have been courteous to offer up the tune to their fans, so we’re sharing it with you today.  However, this is just a glimpse of what’s to come from the group on their forthcoming album, which will come your way shortly.


Download: Army Navy – Pickle [MP3]

The Lonely Wild – The Sun As It Comes

397270352-1Rating: ★★★★☆

Though this band hails from L.A, you may have caught them somehow in your slew of SXSW shows this year. However, if you didn’t, not to fret, this band is an up and comer that will be hard to miss in time to come. Born in 2010 as the project of Andrew Carroll, The Lonely Wild released an EP that generated them some fame in their local scene, but their first full length, The Sun As It Comes, is here to stick this band on your radar.

This album is one that grabs your attention the instant you put it on. First, song, title track, and possibly one of the best tracks I’ve heard this year, “The Sun As It Comes” is a cathartic build up of folksy beginnings to a fiery finish. What starts as hair distant but powerful feminine “Oohs” accompanied by soft plucking of guitars transitions to the hair raising harmonies of Carroll and Jessie Williams, as they take you on an eerie journey of storytelling. All the while, the electric guitar gradually pushes itself into your listening spectrum and demands attention. Then, suddenly, Williams has gone back to the background vocals and Carroll’s Conor Oberst-meets-Ben Gibbard voice is screaming at you in frenzy. Such songs of gentle intrigue, along with outright fire, are to be found and enjoyed on this album.

The Lonely Wild have a lot of things going for them on this first full length release aside from a great opening track. Additionally, the songwriting on all of the songs here is engaging, apt, and relevant, serving as the icing on the cake to the sonically delightful music that this band doles out, track after track. By yhe third track, this band proudly shows you that they mean serious business, and aren’t shying away from creative details. Take “Everything You Need” as another example of an exemplary song that can be found here. Once again you have the dual vocals of Carroll and Williams, but wait, what’s that? Horns?! And an outright jamming beat from the start? What more can you want?

If your answer to that rhetorical question was a variety of tracks that transcend genres and bridge the gaps between rock and folk then look no further—The Lonely Wild has you covered. From start to finish, they hook you and then close the deal too, sealing it with their glorious harmonies and effortless likability. Do yourself a favor and give it a listen; you won’t want to be the last one to hear this band!

New Pop from TORCHES

tochesYou know, I definitely have been enjoying straight rock n’ roll this year, but I don’t want to forget that I really do love great pop music; I won’t hide from that.  This new jam from TORCHES is really enjoyable, and you’ll be able to get your hands on it via the band’s new If the People Stare EP on May 6th…for free I might add.  On this jam the vocals are way up front in the mix, and they definitely have a strong focus, but I like a lot of the light cymbal work that’s going on in the background of the song.  It’s just a good pop ditty. You can enjoy that can’t you?


Download: TORCHES – When You Gonna [MP3]

Say Hello to The Sweets


You won’t find much information about up and coming L.A. based band The Sweets when looking around on the internet, and apparently the band like to keep things on the mysterious side.  I do know that the band make some incredible hazy, surf, lo-fi pop music that’s perked up my ears over the last few days.  Our song sample below “Malts” is a perfect example of the band’s garage style take on mellowed out surfer music.  If you’re into it, check out more of the band’s tunes over on their bandcamp page.  Stay tuned for more information on The Sweets as it gets to us.


Download: The Sweets – Malts [MP3]

New Driving Rock From The Reflections

Here’s a nice little driving rock number called “Disconnected” coming your way from L.A. based outfit The Reflections.  I like the way this jam just sort of starts out rockin’ without a lot of build up to the good stuff.  You can really picture the band enjoying playing this one live as they lead back into that driving chorus several times.  It’s a fun one.

Stay tuned in 2013 for a late winter/early spring release of the band’s new album Limerence.


Download: The Reflections – Disconnected [MP3]

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