Brand New Music from Pregnancy

Want to talk about a super group? Well, then you should meet Australia’s Pregnancy, featuring members for The Ocean Party, Totally Mild, Ciggie Witch and more. Our first introduction to the band has the group looking at angular dance-laden grooves, fronted by Zac Denton of The Ocean Party; he offers up a smoothed vocal that’s met in the background by Ashley Bundang. It’s an upbeat number with insatiable groove that promises excellence when the band release their debut later this year via Lost and Lonesome/Emotional Response.

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Dreamy Post-Punk from Hideous Towns

hideoustownsBeen hearing lots of good things coming from Hideous Towns and their Aussie camp, so I’m happy to share their latest single with you today. It’s a subdued bit of post-punk, focusing on the genres brooding melody as opposed to the angular frustration. For me, that allows a little bit more focus on the blasts that come from singer Alana West, such as “I need var-i-ety/inexplicable.” Listening in, you’re either going to focus on West or on the dreamy guitar lines swirling around, and thus you’ll come back to give your attention to the other side. In the end, you’ll walk away anticipating Disquiet Living, which comes out via Lost and Lonesome on December 2nd.

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Melbourne’s Parading Cover Paul Kelly

paradingParading are readying a new record for Lost and Lonesome, but in the meantime they’ve offered a cover of Paul Kelly’s “Big Heart.” Their take utilizes a similar opening moment with the guitar, though there’s more fragility in the vocals. As the song moves along, they muddy it up with more texture than you’ll hear on the classic version. They add in an extra few bars of exploratory sound, which should come as no surprise to folks familiar with the band’s work. It’s Friday, and that means you should just listen to good tunes, so add this one to your list.

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Stream Ciggie Witch’s Classic Connection

classicconnectionIn the midst of gearing up for another Ocean Party album, a few members had time to sit down with other friends (somemembers of Totally Mild) and record the latest album from Ciggie Witch.Classic Connection is their first new work since 2014, and it’s pretty much an all encompassing of the guitar sounds of Melbourne; it’s casual and catchy, filled with pop sensibility that’s ultimately undeniable for any listener. Lost and Lonesome is handling the release, and I hope a few copies make it to my side of the pond. Enjoy your morning.

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New Music from Tim Richmond Group

timrichSeems like we’re going to stick around the Oceanic area a lot today, which doesn’t bother me, especially when we’ve got the sort of music that Tim Richmond Group is creating. There’s sounds in the way Tim Richmond delivers vocals that definitely falls in line with what’s going on in his neck of the woods, but I love how the song moves into a realm of jazzy freak outs that’s not really utilized. Even within the confines of the chorus breakdown, he turns that sideways by offering a lounge croon that’s entirely enchanting, before bouncing back into the song’s steady groove. This song will appear on What’s in the Middle, being released on July 1st by Lost and Lonesome.

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Tam Vantage Album is Getting Nearer

tamI’ve talked up the new Tam Vantage album quite a bit, seeing as I was a huge fan of Pop Singles, it just makes sense. Being Stateside, it’s been hard to really get too much info on his album Life in High Definition. But, it looks like the album is finally set for release on October 16th via Lost and Lonesome/Beko Disques. With that, the band has released the first “official” single, and it shows quite a progression for Tam. I love the guitar sound, but you’ll also hear a wash of keyboards and a little bit of choral vocals backing him up. Definitely one of the fall releases that has me super excited.

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