Lost Film Shares Baseball

Did I mention how much we love Lost Film? I put Zero Summer as one of my favorite indiepop releases back in 2019, and Jimmy and his guitar pop work are back with a brand new Between Melting and Freezing EP. As always, Hewitt manages to make the mundane seem extraordinary; here, he’s talking about his adoration for baseball. It’s tied up in this really catchy drum beat, which really serves as the song’s focal point, aside from the lyrics. Sure, there’s some atmospheric notes swirling around the two like pop vultures waiting to swoop in, but they never seem to interfere with the simple hooks of drums and vocals. This release should be out pretty soon via Utility Tapes.

New Indiepop from Lost Film

Having just recently announced a brand new album, we’ve now got the next single from Lost Film‘s forthcoming Zero Summer. For me, I was struck by the way the vocals were done, at least in the opening few lines; there’s this group vocal vibe that almost gives off this feeling that we’re all in this together. There’s a slight uptick in energy during the chorus, with the beat working just a little bit faster, holding tight to Jimmy Hewitt’s crisp guitar lines throughout. This is shaping up to be a collection of heartfelt pop songs that are sure to charm the pants off anyone who takes the time to indulge their sweet tooth here.

Lost Film Announce New Album

It’s been a few years since we’ve heard from Jimmy Hewitt’s project, Lost Film, but I’m pretty sure any indiepop fan will find the tune quite worth the wait. Within seconds the guitar begins to sharply jangle its way into the track, followed in rather quick succession by Hewitt’s soft-spoken vocals. Combined together with fairly minimal percussion you get this dream pop vibe that manages to work just atop this energetic bounce; I love the middling instrumental exploration, giving some air to let the song soar. Zero Summer is the title of the new album, and it’s already worth every penny!

Bedroom Pop from Lost Film

Late last year I talked a lot about how much I enjoyed Broken Spectre, the last full length from Lost Film. Just the other day Jim Hewitt upped some new tracks, in demo form, of course, to hold you over until we have news on a more finite release. Even in an unfinished ditty, you can tell Hewitt and co know their way around endearing numbers. Both singles have this charming lack of urgency, with the drums primarily utilized for pacing. Seems like the baseball themed track is currently the most popular of the two; it’s got synth work atop the aforementioned drumming with Hewitt crooning over it all; the special bit comes when that guitar line jumps into the fray. Just in an interesting step in the process, and hopefully we get to hear more real soon.

Lost Film Is Required Listening

Maybe it’s just me, but some acts just connect at the right time…thus is the reason I’m encouraging you to sit down with Lost Film right now. This is bedroom pop that expands beyond the quiet of your own four walls; the notes are incredibly warm and inviting…perfect for my staring at the rain drops sliding down my classroom window at the moment. It’s the sort of vibe that’s timeless, in my eyes at least, using sharp angular guitar lines and dreamy vocals to ensnare listeners. There will be a new LP titled Broken Spectre out on October 20th.

Listen to Lost Film

lostfilmLost Film is part of the rolling machine that is The Native Sound. The label’s got some good stuff coming out lately, and this is just another one of those that I think will get at you. You’ll find that the majority of the song can easily fall under the category of casual pop, relaxed and steady, working around central melodies. But, there are a few moments when the guitars swell into your ears, then settling back into it’s steady brood. This track will appear on a brand new 7″ that was recorded at Converse Rubber Tracks in Boston; it’sup for pre-order HERE.

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