Best of Indiepop 2018

Everyone has their own definition of indiepop; but I tend to ascribe to the original craft where DIY aesthetics and a softer response to punk were all the rage. But, to each their own. So I went through last year to compile what I think is a pretty all encompassing Best of Indiepop 2018; there’s no order, just a collection of really great indiepop. Some of the below are songs, some are albums, some are just bands or labels that were important. Click on for my picks and a playful playlist. Read more

Charmed Indiepop from Lost Ships

Recently a lot of the indiepop fans have been whispering, carefully, about Lost Ships. It’s no surprise then that the band drop a gorgeous 4 track EP that you’ll all soon be clamoring for. I’m about four listens through, and I alternately switch reference points between The Lodger and The Lucksmiths. Some of the guitar work is sharp and angular, almost dance-worthy, but then you take a track like “Rose Sings the Big Tunes” and you’ll find it hard not to nod towards the Lucksmiths. Their Best Laid Plans EP is a wonderful way to pass the time, and, like me, you’ll feel charmed that these are out there in the world.