Stream the New Lower Plenty LP

lowerplentyMan, the opening song from Lower Plenty‘s new LP plays constantly in my brain; it’s the casual anti-pop that I’ve grown to love over the last decade or so. But, Sister Sister is full of great tunes that are equal to, or better than the opener. For the most part, this is a mellow affair, which might shock those who’ve followed the members other projects, like Total Control or UV Race. Still, give a listen to “Run Run Run” or “Cursed by Numbers” and try to tell me you’re not totally lost in what they’re doing. Looking for an album full of beautiful escape, then look no further. The LP is released by Bedroom Suck Records this Friday.

More New Lower Plenty

The first single from Lower Plenty‘s new record had a foot in the modern Aussie sound we’ve all be championing here in the States, but the latest tune takes an entirely different approach, offering a slow burner. I’m sure this will get annoying for the band, but you can’t help but to hear some lineage to Lou Reed being channeled in this song. It’s mostly carefully touched percussion, guitar and vocals, with a special touch being layered with string arrangements. I like to see that there’s two sides of the coin with most bands, especially when you haven’t heard the whole record…so you never know what you’ll get. Look for their new album, Sister Sister, on November 18th via Bedroom Suck Records.

Chilled Out New Lower Plenty Tune

lowerplentyFeels like as the year ends, folks are scrambling to get their last releases out into the world, with this new Lower Plenty high on my list of things to anticipate. Listening to their latest single, it definitely feels like this is the epitome of the great indie rock that’s come from Oceania the last several years. There’s no rush, just a casual plodding with a nice guitar ring to it. The vocals, like the guitars, just sit back and offer you warm melody, allowing you to pleasantly let the day drift by you. Look for their new album, Sister Sister, via Bedroom Suck Records on November 18th.

Get Yourself Into Lower Plenty

lifeWhile there’s no word on the future release on Mexican Summer here in the US, the Lower Plenty album is out now from Bedroom Suck Records.  Why does that matter? Well, the Australian act is pretty much one of my favorite things right now (in case you care).  They’ve got a sound similar to other acts like Twerps or Dick Diver, with this relaxed approach to songwriting, yet wholly versed in the world of pop.  The album is said to be a collection of moments and recordings captured, then organized into the album format.  Whatever it is, Life/Thrills is a pretty enjoyable listen from start to finish.