Lowpines Record Come On Chaos Live

If you haven’t heard of Oli Deakin’s Lowpines project, then perhaps this a great introduction for you. He’s perched atop a rooftop somewhere in Brooklyn, backlit by the falling (or is rising) sun. You can hear the air flowing through his lips as he delivers the vocals, providing you with an immediate closeness. I love how the video pans into his picking on the guitar, as that adds to the ornate quality of his songwriting, giving each note deserved attention. If this is the sort of tune you’re looking for, you’ll find more like-minded tracks on the new album In Silver Halides; it’s being released on February 23rd.

Lowpines To Release New EP

12244558_958859427496006_4297778999499225584_oWhile some of you may be gearing up for the weekend, others may be looking for a relaxing outlet to close out the week. Today, that source of outlet can come from this new mellow folk track from Lowpines, out of West London. “Forest Finds” is a balanced and mellow lo-fi americana number, bathed in the warmth of acoustic guitar and breathy vocals.It looks like this is the first track off of the upcoming EP,That Bridge Washed Away In The Storm,which will be out February 26th and is available for preorder in several different limited edition runs. Check out your options here.

New Track From Lowpines

lowI don’t know what the weather is like wherever you are, dear reader, but if you’re anywhere in the Austin area, you’ll know that it’s quite dreary outside today. And I don’t know about you, but when the weather is like this, all misty and gray, I tend to enjoy the quieter side of music. So, to give you a perfect jam for environment, I’ve got this new track from West London’s Lowpines. The band will be releasing a self titled EP later this month, featuring this song and a few others that should be a gentle blend of folk and americana. They’re presenting this in the form of a cassette tape with hand drawn unique artwork, that you should probably scoop up here, while you can (There’s only 25). Enjoy the delicate folksy finesse of “Call If You Need Me” below.