More To Love From Tim Cohen

unnamed-6One of my most anticipated releases of 2017 is shaping up to be Tim Cohen‘s pure solo effort,Luck Man, which is due out, lucky for us, at the beginning of next year. We’ve already heard some great singles from the gentleman from this album, and now he’s given us another one with “Meat is Murder,” which reveals that this new album is going to be far from one dimensional. The last track we heard in “John Hughes” was a bouncy indie pop number, whereas this one, as its title suggests, is a bit darker than the last one. The guitars are a sharper, and yet lower in the mix, the percussion and bass combine for a low simmer, and Cohen’s vocals are deeper for the majority of the track. Take a listen and get as excited as I am for this new album, then go pre-order it here before its Jan. 20th release via Sinderlyn.


Sorry I Missed This: Tim Cohen Announces New Music

timcohenI wonder when Tim Cohen ever sleeps, and if he does, is he writing songs while he sleeps? Last week he announced another new release…though not with Magic Trick nor Fresh & Onlys…just Tim Cohen. This new track, however, is something as enchanting, if not more so, than his various projects. His vocals capture something, and while the music is good enough, you can’t pull yourself away from that voice. It’s accented by female accompaniment in points, but the clarity on his voice alone warrants repeated listens. I’m not sure there’s anything this guy can’t do, so I’ll gladly spend time with his new album, Luck Man, when it’s released by Sinderlyn on January 20th.