Luna Cover Mink Deville

I’m an avid Luna fan, and while its not fresh music, I’m excited to hear what one of my favorites will do with an album full of covers. Here we have the band covering Mink Deville‘s “Let Me Dream If I Want To,” an obscure tune from the classic CBGB era. While modern production might be obvious, the vibe of that era seems to be flowing through Luna; I mean, did we doubt that Dean and Co. couldn’t pull it off? Look for their collection of covers on A Sentimental Education, out September 22; there’s also a brand new EP of instrumental tunes titled A Place of Greater Safety (all recorded by Jason Quever).

Thursday Night is Crazy for Austin Shows

Austin, I love you.Usually I like to pick one or two shows for the night and give you a rec, but Thursday is absolutely crazy; I guess it’s Cinco de Mayo.

You want some country? Check out Jason Boland and Plantation at 3 Ten ACL. Or Sturgill Simpson.

Little Austin punk rock? Go for Ghetto Ghouls and Nameless Frames at Beerland.

An ATH approved show? How about Rose Selavy, Mean Jolene, and Shivery Shakes at Sahara Lounge.

And don’t forget the teen friendly, Stereogum approved 1975 show at Stubbs.

You could even double dip, hitting up Luna early, then catch one of these late shows.

Show Preview: Luna @ Mohawk (5.5)

lunaLast weekend, with the cancelling of Levitation, people were clamoring to see Slowdive (among others). It’s great to see such a nostalgic musical renaissance, though when I think of Luna (tomorrow’s headliner at Mohawk)…I think of their longevity, and their influence. Whether it’s Dean’s role in Galaxie 500, Luna itself, or his work with wife Britta…there hasn’t been a year when I haven’t fallen back into the influence of their music. I guess Lunamight be called one of the earlier pioneers of dream-pop, though I think of them as the pop version of the Velvet Underground (at least when you listen to some of the tracks on Penthouse). Also…we get a special treat as Britta will be taking the stage solo at the beginning of the set to play who knows what, though you can be guaranteed a great bit of it will be from her new solo effort, Luck of Magic, which came out last week. Doors are at 7:00 PM, Tickets are HERE.

Still In Love with Britta

brittaSome bands never leave your stereo, and while I loved Luna, I loved the work of Dean & Britta the most. It hit at the right time, endearing me forever to the voice of Britta Phillips (I was already stuck on Dean at that point!). This new single from Britta’s solo project is exciting, though I wish she had more of a vocal performance on the track…though I’ll admit that pick up in the pacing at the 2.15 mark is pretty enchanting. I’ll always stand behind this lady, so I’m welcoming Luck or Magic, which surprisingly, is her debut solo effort; it comes out on April 29th via Double Feature Records.