Another Lust for Youth Tune

We’re not too far off from the release of the latest Lust for Youth LP, and with that, the (now) duo have dropped another teaser track. I think this is their most playful and earnest tune; they clearly deliver their pop sensibility in the first few seconds, but they don’t just drop in and let that hook hit you over the head, instead teasing it out after the 1:15 mark. Even then, it’s brief and exuberant, hitting upon that sensation of yearning. Somehow this tune seems more sterile, revolving more on the tones of the vocals, which is a nice little twist in the album (or so I hope). Sacred Bones drop Lust for Youth on June 7th.

Lust for Youth Share By No Means

You need that perfect midweek dance track? Have you tried on this new Lust for Youth single? It’s only in the first ten seconds, but look at how much fun the dancer in the video is having! On a more serious note, the band’s slimmed down, forcing them to really focus on their craft, and if I might toss my hat into the ring, this feels like some of the best work they’ve done. They’ve got this sort of Eastern angular electronic feel that kicks the rhythm into gear, and while the vocals during the verses are about where they always are, it’s the way the chorus is delivered this round, with a kick up in the percussive element pulsing through. And is that a harmonica after the 2 minute mark? Seriously, these dang songs are on fire today! Lust for Youth drops on June 7th via Sacred Bones Records.

Lust for Youth Announce New Record

Long time fans of Lust for Youth might shudder at the thought, but it seems like the band have completely embraced their pop sensibility for their new self-titled LP. Our first listen has this pulsing brightness, breaking through the cavernous darkness usually present in the group’s tracks; the production seems a little bit more lush, with vocal turns that charm like at 1.30 mark when the line “it hurts my eyes to see you walking by yourself.” That seems to be the theme here, a brighter sonic future, but still holding onto a grim disposition in regards to the world’s state of affairs, both personal and global. Sacred Bones will be releasing this self-titled LP on June 7th.

Even More Lust for Youth

lustIf there’s a record that B.Gray and I are pretty excited about hearing, it has to be this upcoming Lust for Youth LP. The band has continued to grow their sound, creating some of the darkest, yet most accessible, electronic pop music around. They’ve also got a pretty intoxicating live show, which doesn’t always happen for the genre. They tossed out another single today from Compassion, so seems fitting that we stay in line with our obsession and post this new tune as well. You can hear the record when it’s released on March 18th via Sacred Bones Records. Also…check the band touring the States, including SXSW.

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Shake It To This New Lust For Youth Track

12510282_668774416558512_4248295164665006888_nIt’s very important to stretch before doing body rolls, so if you haven’t warmed up already, make sure to get in some quick stretching before you press play on this track. Lust For Youth, out of Copenhagen, are bound to have you ready to hit the dance floor, or to make any floor a dance floor with this new track, “Sudden Ambitions.” This track is huge– the synths swell and bounce while the vocals are right in your face and the beat pulses heavy through the whole song. I’m telling you, this song is a great way to get your body going on a Tuesday. Take a listen and get ready for Lust For Youth’s upcoming album,Compassion, which is out March 18th, via Sacred Bones Records.


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Loving This Lust for Youth

Lust For YouthBrian and I spent a few weeks after last year’s SXSW raving about the performances from Lust for Youth that we were fortunate enough to catch. On their latest single you can hear some of the gradual shifts that were made even then, providing a much more melodic approach to their crafstmanship…as opposed to their earlier, more angular, writing. They’ll be releasing their newest album, Compassion, this Spring, right during the midst of SXSW. I expect a dense array of darkened electro-pop tunes to come bursting through my speakers, and I won’t complain one bit about that. It’s being handled by Sacred Bones Records.

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I Love Lust for Youth + New Single

Lust For YouthIf you were to ask Brian or I what our favorite act was at SXSW this past year, it’s likely that one of us, or both, would have Lust for Youth high up on that list. Their performances were intoxicating, which says a lot considering they’ve got a lot of electronic work in their tracks. Even better, the band has a brand new track/single that they’re releasing today via Sacred Bones Records. It’s a solid number, just like their previous work; there’s definitely been a pop-centric twist unfolding at their camp, so take a listen today. The photo pictured left was the band hanging with B after one of their sets at Beerland. Nice chaps. Nice songs.

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Synth Pop from Lust for Youth

lustyAdmittedly, the last few years I’ve always let B.Gray cover our electronically induced pop music.  But, that being said, bands like Black Marble, TRUST and now Lust for Youth have really begun to sway my opinion.  This new single from the latter is the perfect example of why I’ve begun to make that switch; it’s hard for anyone to listen to this track and not get excited about the band’s up-coming record.  There’s not too much dabbling in oddities, instead just a straight-forward presentation of good old synth pop.  You can expect more like-minded songs when the band releases International via Sacred Bones on June 10th (that’s one busy release day!).



New Synth Pop Up from Lust for Youth

22The last few releases from Lust for Youth have been really dark, and almost sterile, in their construction.  But, this new single, from the band’s forthcoming LP, International, seems to have more pop sensibility, both in the electronic instrumentation and the tonal quality of the vocals.  Still, there’s something dark and sinister that always seems to accompany the group’s work, so if they’re able to combine that with a few pop elements, this could be a hands-down favorite at the ATH offices.  The new album will be out on June 10th via Sacred Bones, who will include a cassette of remixes if you pick it up from them.

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