Sprinters Announce New Album

Man it’s been a bit over 5 years since I last heard from my musical friend Neil Jarvis. Apparently he’s since ditched his solo career, and now the Manchester based artist is focusing on his new band Sprinters. Having already released a debut LP, the group now has plans to release new album Struck Gold on November 15th via Meritorio Records. Prior to the release, Jarvis just sent over this hot new number called “Ending” to preview the upcoming album. It’s full of jangly guitars with a lovely, washed out yet engaging sound throughout.


Stream III from Butcher the Bar

Joel Nicholson’s been working as Butcher the Bar for some time, and in that period, he’s gone from solo to full band and probably back again…but for III, we get the full band pop bombast that’s always lived within the confines of Nicholson’s songwriting. There are straight upbeat pop numbers, and some more pensive tunes here, so just stream it below. You can grab the LP directly from Bobo Integral, and if you’re so inclined, you can read my thoughts about each song below.

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Stream Closure from Gorgeous Bully

We’ve been hyping up the release of Gorgeous Bully‘s latest for a wee bit, and the day has finally arrived for you to give Closure a listen. While I expected the album to have some fuzzy bangers, like the opener “I’ll Be True,” I didn’t expect the softer side of things to shine quite so brilliantly. You get it on the album’s second track, “Gum,” offering up a sound that’s reminiscent of everything rad in Australia at the moment. But, while not always as upbeat, there are other soft, and even sad, numbers like “Tripping” and “Happiness.” It gives you a mix of everything that’s great about the project; you can grab it for the NYP option HERE, as well as order the vinyl LP!

Gorgeous Bully Drop New Single

Ryan and I have been fans of Gorgeous Bully for awhile now, and I know that we’ve both really been looking forward to hearing the entirety of Closure. While we’re still a few days away from its release, the band has shared this fuzzed out pop banger. The opening rift has this driving energy that sort of creates this casual head bob, matched by the pounding rhythm section. When the vocals come in, they craft this heavier dreamy vibe, washing over the entirety of the track to create more pop sensibility. Plus, you can’t ask for more from a band when they promise “I’ll be true/I’ll be kind.” Probably one of my favorite things coming out of the UK the last few years; grab your new LP HERE from Breakfast Records.

Gorgeous Bully Give Us Another Jam

Manchester based Gorgeous Bully has seen a ton of coverage on ATH over the years, and for obvious reasons. Somehow the group has continually pumped out hit after hit, and full albums worth of material time after time. Today the band sent over their new single entitled “Time” which can be streamed below. The song is a typical GB jam, bright, full and masterful when it comes to instrumentation. They’ve done it again.

A B-side to this single is available to stream on bandcamp.

Quick Ditty from Hot Shorts

Every year Art is Hard Records try to come up with unique ways to get new music out into the world, and this year they’re doing so with their Postcard Singles Collection. The latest to be part of the collection is Hot Shorts, a Manchester act offering distorted guitar pop. This track is all about discovering the metaphors for mundane life changes, such as hair loss. Something about this song reminds me of late 90s college rock, filled with hooks and huge riffs that ring out in your ears. Pick up the Postcard Single now.

Gorgeous Bully Quietly Winning Us Over

gogeI don’t really know what it is about Gorgeous Bully, but it seems like every track they bring to the table is something I can’t put down, can’t stop playing. Here, they’ve released a new track, which is still in “demo” form, but while that comes with a certain simplicity, you can still hear the skeleton of the emotional pull. You’ve got to put together something special when you’re just offering vocals and strummed guitar. If you can, go to the band’s Soundcloud and just press play; you’ll be glad you did. I’ll keep you posted as they make more new songs…and hopefully a new LP.

Are You Listening to Gorgeous Bully?

11073436_867749073263478_1577676898116032283_oIt wasn’t long ago that I was raving about the latest from Gorgeous Bully, and here I am again begging you to go back and listen to the Manchester act.  This new tune went up yesterday, and it’s got a different feel than some of the latest work, though the lineage is still evident.  Vocally, there’s still that drawn out touch to it, but the rest of the track almost has a psychedelic Brit-pop feel, which wouldn’t offend me in the least. Not sure exactly where this fits in the release schedule since the artwork being used is from the last album, Dumb Ideals (if you don’t have it, what are you waiting for?), but when I know, I promise to fill you in.

Brand New Tune from Former Bullies

formerbulliesI’ve been fortunate the last few weeks, as tons of my favorite acts have released some really incredible tracks for the world to hear, but I’m not sure any single one makes me happier than this new Former Bullies tune. I first caught onto the Mancs back a few years when they had an excellent release on CF Records, but I hadn’t really heard anything about them until this last week.  They just tossed up this brilliant new single, which is a guaranteed hit for any of you fans of kiwi-tinged guitar pop…or maybe just really good jangling art pop acts.  They’ve got a new album called Strangers, which will be out on the esteemed CF Records sometime in the very near future; I’m thiniking (hoping) Fall.

Download This Gorgeous Bully Tune

11073436_867749073263478_1577676898116032283_oA few years ago I caught wind of Gorgeous Bully, a little Manchester act specializing in hook-laden pop tunes.  I had completely forgotten about them until the wonders of iTunes random shuffle put them back on my radar.  I hustled to their page and found that the band has recently released a new tune as part of the If There’s Hell Below Compilation; it came out right after they released their new LP, Dumb Ideals.  It’s precisely the sort of tune that begs you to play it again, using simple percussion and a big vocal grab to pull you into the song’s magical powers. It’s a pretty chilled out approach, but those of you in the vein of delicious pop music will want to jump on this download immediately.

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