New Compilation from Martin Newell

Around these parts, and by that I mean, me and my friends, the name Martin Newell means a great deal…as one of the core members of Cleaners from Venus, that should mean a great deal to you as well. His career has spanned over several decades, but we got wind yesterday of a new release titled Martin Newell’s Jumble Sale, a collection of lost songs and demos from 1975 to present; their existence alone is reason for rejoicing. Just to have a DIY career span that long, and still have people caring is important…so stream this collection and revel in the joy that is anything with Martin’s name attached to it.

Kedr Livanskiy Drops New Tune with Martin Newell

Martin Newell is a big deal around my house, so when I heard that he was doing some vocals for Russian electronic artists Kedr Livanskiy my interest was already piqued. The first minute or so of the track has Kedr crafting this almost space-like atmosphere for Martin to deliver spoken word, just before the song really begins to take dramatic shape. Once the beat hits, Newell can still be heard sampled in an echoing fashion, while brooding synths and drum loops kick in from behind. This song will appear on Ariadna, Livanskiy’s new album that drops on September 8th via 2MR.

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Hear Remastered Track from The Stray Trolleys

There’s a few of us around this neck of the woods that are way into Cleaners from Venus, so the fact that Martin Newell’s earlier project, The Stray Trolleys is getting the reissue format from Captured Tracks. I don’t really know how to pigeonhole the work, but in an attempt to try and spin it in a modern tone, just imagine that you got the Exploding Hearts together (RIP) and asked them to remove their punk ethos; you’d have just great pop music you could play over and over. The reissue of Barricades & Angels comes on January 20th.

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Captured Tracks to Issue Martin Newell Collection

martyMartin Newell‘s name should be familiar, at least I hope so.  He’s long been known for his work with Cleaners from Venus, not to mention some solo outings. Captured Tracks has collected the best of Newell’s recent work from the last four years, put them all together for a collection titled Teatime Assortment.  The track below is a bonus tune for the album, and I’ll admit it illustrates why Newell’s always been sort of an acquired taste for some…though you can hear how close his vocals are to that of everyman hero, Bob Pollard.  This should be a special collection worth your time; it’s being released on June 9th.

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