Brand New Indiepop from Bubblegum Lemonade

bubblegumHow are you feeling about yourself today? Concerned with the impending doom of the USA election? Well, Laz and Bubblegum Lemonade want to make you feel better, they want to make your world better…and in order to do that they’re dropping this delightful new indiepop gem. You’ll get a steady little bounce, Laz’s warm vocals and infectious melody that keeps you spinning the song again and again. I’m worried about the future, but for three short minutes (and the 27 minutes where I played it on repeat) I was able to forget, lost in song. You’ll hear this tune on The Great Leap Backward, the newest release from the band…out this month via Matinee Recordings.

Bubblegum Lemonade Brighten the Pop Scene

bubblegumBubblegum Lemonade are no stranger to these pages, those its been a while since we’ve heard from the group. There’s something that the group have perfected, be it the casual ring of the guitars or the balanced approach between every note; it’s sincere pop music that’s absolutely inescapable. Press play and you’ll hear a song that transfers you back to the days of the purity of pop music…no little tactics, not little twists, just the best songwriting you’ll hear this week (in my opinion). They’ll be releasing their Beard on a Bike EP on July 1st via the highly esteemed Matinee Recordings.

Another Day, Another Strawberry Whiplash Track

strawI feel like this week is best begun with a great track, and that’s just another great tune from the forthcoming Strawberry Whiplash release. Listening through this song the last few days, I can see the great production value that Laz promised me in a brief chat earlier this month. It’s almost got a psych-nod in the jangle of the guitars, but the vocals carry that slight feminine pop touch that particularly warms my heart. Stuck in the Never Ending Now will be released this week via Matinee Recordings.

Why Not Another Tune from The Hermit Crabs

hermitJust last week we brought you the first single from The Hermit Crabs in regards to their newest mini-LP, In My Flat. And, seeing as I’m never one to shy away from posting great pop music, I had to post the second single merely a week later. This song comes across as the most-understated bit of pop you might hear this year. Guitars are fairly quiet and the emphasis comes via slight backing vocal appearances. As far as subject matter goes, I think we can all agree that we’ve been there, only endearing this song to listeners far and wide. Be sure to grab the new album from Matinee Recordings next week.

Strawberry Whiplash Makes Glorious Return

strawDammit! Matinee Recordings is on a roll this week; they had Hermit Crabs news and now Strawberry Whiplash, featuring one of my favorite songwriters Laz. When I talked to him earlier this week about the new album, he told me that their new album “is more produced sounding than the previous one,” which should bode well for those clamoring for the best indiepop around. The new record is titled Stuck in the Never Ending Now, and you’ll be able to grab it on November 18th, just in time to make my own personal year end. This single sparkles and shines, and makes me long for the perfect song on the perfect day. That’ll do pig, that’ll do.

Fresh Indiepop from The Hermit Crabs

hermitFigured as the weather was getting a little dreary here in Austin, it’s best that I turn that attitude around with something cheery…at least musically speaking. This song is a brand new number from the Hermit Crabs, who’ve quietly announced the release of a new album titled In My Flat. It’s got everything one needs from the perfect indiepop track: bouncing rhythm, jangling guitars and charming vocals. I think those of you looking to be charmed will find your happy place hiding here in this track. You can grab the album from Matinee Recordings on November 19th.

Fresh Indiepop from The Popguns

popLast year the Popguns returned via Matinee Recordings, making a big splash with throngs of indiepop masses.  But, it looks like once that songwriting bug hit the band, they couldn’t stop, already prepping the release of a new EP.  The opening track, “Still Waiting for the Winter” should already have piqued your interest, having appeared on the aforementioned album, Pop Fiction.  But, there will also be three exclusive new tracks to reassure your fandom.  I’ve posted one of those new tracks below, and it’s perfect…no need for more words other than that.  Look for the Still Waiting for the Winter EP this July.

Indiepop Delight from Seabirds

burdsThis song couldn’t have come at a better time; it’s been a frustrating week with our server being down and lost data and what not.  So, the perfect indiepop song is always going to make life grand, thus one of the many reasons I love this Seabirds tune.  From the excellent guitar work, including the casual solo in the middle of the tune, to the perfect melodic vocal touch, it just makes you feel warm all over, and I won’t complain about that. The band have just finished their debut Meet Me in the Silence, which is slated for a July release via the great people at Matinee Recordings. Make your day better and listen to this song.

Perfect Indiepop from The Catenary Wires

CD72There’s two things at work here: one, Matinee Recordings is back at it this year and two, The Catenary Wires are made up of members of Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, Tender Trap, etc.  With the first, I’m extremely happy, as the label is one of my favorite purveyors of divine indie pop.  As to the second, I think the aforementioned bands make this track alone worthy of your time. I couldn’t think of a better way to begin my week than to listen to a track where the male and female vocals fit so well that your can’t help but feel yourself swoon. They’ll be releasing their Red Red Skies CD via the label in June.

Little Bit of Indie Pop from Electric Pop Group

10945865_10152717404482098_8307547663638596250_oThis song’s a few weeks old, but you can never skip out on posting a delightful bit of indiepop, especially on a Friday.  We all need a little pick-me-up, am I right? This is the perfect blend of cliche jangling and warm melody, which fits right in with the sounds we’ve heard from The Electric Pop Group.  The band are said to have a new record, Integration, ready for release via their home, Matinee Recordings, but a release date has not yet been set.  I’m anxious to hear the rest, as I have nothing but the highest expectations for this act.

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