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Hey now I think we’ve made it abundantly clear we are big fans of our local ATX friend Matthew Squires and the music he creates. He’s always had a knack for being a just a tad left of center in the Austin indie scene while also churning out some absolutely beautiful songs over the years. As he prepares for the release of his new album Visions of America, Squires recently dropped the lead track for streaming enjoyment. This guy seriously continues to evolve into one of the most important songwriters in our city.

Visions of America will drop on August 30th.

ATX Spotlight: Matthew Squires Returns

Austin based amigo Matthew Squires has long been a favorite around these parts and we are totally excited to hear he is returning this year with new music. For a preview of what the new album might sound like, Squires has just released this new single called “Strange Day”. At first, it sort of sounds like older, quirky material we’ve always known, but then it slowly evolves about two minutes in with a louder guitar, faster pace, and heated vocals. Might sound like a Neil Young song to some if you know his older material, and that’s perfectly all right with me.

Squires will release new album Visions of America on August 30th.

ATX Spotlight: More News from Matthew Squires

One of the records that’s high on my anticipation list is the new effort from Austinite Matthew Squires. Late last year he gave us a single that had our ears perked up, and this one ups the ante. His vocal inflections have a touch of Dan Bejar, though the musical has a slightly more upbeat feel to it…which is what we expect from Squires. He’s got these quirky little hooks too, be it from vocal touches or the musical accompaniment tinkering away in the background. Already Dead Tapes will release Tambaleo this Friday, March 20th.

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Austin Spotlight: Matthew Squires and Learning Disorders

mathewsMatthew Squires and Learning Disorders jumped into the Austin music scene in 2012, crafting their own blend of acoustic-influenced pop music.  This week the group announced that they’ll be releasing a brand new record, Where the Music Goes to Die.  Musically, there’s this obvious brightness, from the bouncing of the guitar work to the defined airy quality of Squires’ voice.  Lyrically, there seems to be this incredible bit of honesty from the artist, or any artist for that matter. The lyrics show a song that’s presented as is…there’s no pretense, it might not even be complete, it’s just the perfect capturing of a musician’s work in time. You’ll be able to grab their new album on December 2nd.


Download: Matthew Squires and the Learning Disorders – Echo [MP3]

New Folk Pop From Matthew Squires


Matthew Squires is a an Austin resident who just recently released his latest album How to Combust Your Life independently.  To drum up some publicity for his new album, we’ve got a new folk poppy song from Matt called “The Arcade” streaming and downloadable below.  You’ll catch some folkiness to the song with just enough pop mixed in to keep you listening for awhile.  I also am really digging the quirky and unique vocals that continue to grow on you with each and every listen.

If you’re into the tunes, you can stream more music over on the Matthew Squires bandcamp page.


Download: Matthew Squires and the Learning Disorders – The Arcade [MP3]