Breezy Indie Pop from Mauno

Mauno is a two piece (with help) who will be releasing an LP of their delightfully weird pop tunes at the beginning of August. From that release, they’ve just dropped “Vampire,” which is a lovely and light indie rock tune. What I love the most about this tune is the vocal delivery. Nick Everett has a melancholic, lukewarm voice, which is sweetened by Eliza Niemi’s addition during the choruses. The building, but still soft percussion and guitars are equally as compelling, and I’ve been back to listen to this track about 10 times.If you dig the track below, you should definitely check out this video of Eliza Niemi and Nick Everett attempting to sing along with this track whilst on the last 3 minutes of an hour long ride on a stationary bike. They keep it together pretty well! Pre-order Really Well here before it’s out August 2. Oh, and lucky for you here in Austin, they’re playing Cheer Ups on July 2!