New Music from Jack Cooper

Odds are, you’ve probably enjoyed Jack Cooper‘s songwriting in some fashion, either in Mazes or in Ultimate Painting, but he’s now stepping out to take on songwriting on his own. There’s a nostalgic sound here, which should come as no surprise if you’ve been following Ultimate Painting; he even name checks Terry Allen and Frank Sinatra in the press for this new album. Those nods are all well and good, but can he pull it off? On first listen, I think you’re answer is going to be a resounding yes! Honestly, I didn’t expect anything other than a song that sounded this good. Look for Sandgrown on August 25th via Trouble in Mind Records.

Trickling Pop from Ultimate Painting

paintUltimate Painting, the group comprised of members of Veronica Falls and Mazes is back again with a brand new single; it’s one that shows their relaxed side to pop construction, which is one of the reasons I’ve really been enjoying listening to the group’s debut.  It’s the sort of pop music that allows you to chill out, searching your ears for the melodies you know are lurking within; you’ll even find a nice little solo, as seen in the track below.  Their self-titled album will be out for the masses on October 28th via Trouble in Mind Records…packing that release day full of good tunes.

Please Enjoy This Tune from White Sands

whitesandsEarlier in the week I tossed up one new tune from Art Is Hard Records, but I also neglected to give you the proper warning about White Sands.  The group is made up of 1 parts Mazes, 1 parts Male Bonding and 1 parts Novella, so surely someone out there is going to be getting amped for this release.  Initially, I was grabbed by the distorted guitars, but then I went back and found myself hooked on the interplay between male and female vocal parts.  It’s going to be a special release too, as the label’s doing it on a flexi-disc 7″ with a 20 page magazine and 3 song digi-pack; you don’t get these sort of releases everyday.  Pretty sure you’re going to have to order this today; it’s a limited release!

Dreamy Track from Ultimate Painting

upWow.  This new Ultimate Painting tune is really something. The band is comprised of equal parts Mazes and Veronica Falls, though I don’t think you’ll find too many similarities to the work of either.  Instead, they’ve crafted a brooding song, gentle in its unfolding, holding tight to traditional pop stylings.  It seems like the perfect track to play as your night draws to a close; I feel like the emotional pull is best understood with minimal lighting. You’ll be able to grab the group’s self-titled debut album on October 28th from Trouble in Mind Records.

Two New Releases from Trouble In Mind: Soft Walls & Ultimate Painting

LP.jkt.templateIt’s been a great year for releases from Trouble In Mind Records, with my favorite being the Greg Ashley LP, but they’ve also got two new releases you need to keep your eyes on in the near future.  The first is from Soft Walls (album art to the left); it’s the project of UK-based Dan Reeves, and it sounds an awful like combining Fujiya and Miyagi with your favorite psychedelic band.  The debut of the project is called No Time, and it’s out on July 29th.  The other act, Ultimate Painting, is  hugely popular, if you’re going of the projects of those involved (members of Mazes and Veronica Falls).  Their self-titled debut comes out on October 28th, and I’ve been streaming the new single for the last few days.  Take a listen to these two great tracks, and look for the records soon.

New Jamz From Mazes


Mazes is a band that we posted about a couple years ago and haven’t really heard much from since that point.  Today the band reached out to let us know they have a new album Ores & Minerals that just dropped last week on FatCat Records (available for purchase here).  To get you interested in that release, the band sent us over this new song “Skulking” which can be streamed and downloaded below.  The song is a great garage rock, lo-fi song that has one of the most badass, crazy amplified guitar solos around the 2:50 mark.  That alone makes the song a keeper for me.


Download: Mazes – Skulking [MP3]

New Music from Mazes

One of the bands that was on a lot of people’s lips this last week was Mazes, and now that I’ve done my research here, I’m a little bummed I missed the group.  They’re preparing for the release of their new album, A Thousand Heys, which will hit stores on April 11th.  Giving the record a listen, it sounds a lot like Wavves, if you actually put the band in the studio to give the record a little production value, something I think is a good idea.  It’s got quick guitars, solid hooks and everything just screams fun.  Spring time is perfect for this sort of energetic pop.


Download: Mazes – Most Days [MP3]