Pting Announce Boo EP

Oh, just another day and another great track coming out of Melbourne, Australia. Today we’ve got this brand new tune from Pting, along with the announcement that they’ll soon be releasing the Boo EP. This one’s exactly as charming as you’d expect, with the appropriate amount of bounce mixed with super crisp guitar noodling. Once Elsie comes into the party with her voice, you can’t help but to feel swept up in the exuberant energy they’re pushing through your speakers. There’s an emphatic closing that finishes your listening off on a high note; you’re going to want to grab this EP when it hits on February 21 via Osborne Again.

Mystery Guest Share The Red Dance Video

Wondering what’s hot in that hip Melbourne scene? Right now it seems like it’d be good to place your bets on Mystery Guest. The group offer up this super low-key club vibe, using the first 1.5 minutes to seduce you with this deep bubbling pulse working beneath smoothed melodic vocal notes. You get an energetic uptick afterwards, with the song taking on a shimmering sparkle with tribal rhythms and keyboard stabs. It’s not exactly a club bang, which is perhaps why I’m drawn to it; it feels a little more nuanced and carefully crafted, drawing out the emotional release rather than beating you over the head with it. This tune will be out on the duo’s debut LP, Octagon City, which drops March 6th via Tenth Court.

Snowy Band Announce Audio Commentary

Snowy Band is the recording project of Liam Halliwell, who you might recognize as one of the core members of the Ocean Party; he’s also played on a ton of your favorite Melbourne band’s records too…he’s all over the place. Today, news comes across the great pond of a new album titled Audio Commentary, which will be released at the end of March via Osborne Again. Our first listen is this really solemn ballad, gentle in its presentation, with each note carefully presented so Liam can allow his voice to blanket them in a calming warmth. The chorus builds in a special moment, with Halliwell’s voice raised up with support of his backing band, which includes ATH fave Emma Russack. A special moment awaits you if you press play below.

Go Get Mum Share Moving Day

Two things you can trust on a Friday, or any day really: 1) Aussie pop is always going to make you feel better and 2) Meritorio Records is one of the top labels around. Today, I’m fortunate to share the first single from the forthcoming Go Get Mum release. The Melbourne quartet play an understated jangle pop, less jagged and more about churning those melodies that make you dizzy. Their big success comes in the way they combine female and male vocal roles throughout the song; there are times when the song feels like this joyous party where everyone sings along warmly, celebrating life with one another. There’s no way you can’t love this song. Look for the Ok Now What EP on March 20th via Meritorio.

Pure Beauty From Pure Moods

It’s Friday afternoon and I can’t imagine a better time for some fantastic tunes to take into your weekend. Today our weekend vibe tune comes by was of Melbourne based artist Pure Moods and the new single “Tide”. This one has an absolutely lovely grooving vibe with some slacker rock tendencies and some bright guitar numbers. It’s my favorite song of the week.

Pure Moods will release new album Upward Spiral on November 29th via Tear Jerk Records.

Annual Leaf Share New EP

I’m always scouring the Melbourne scene hoping to stumble upon something really incredible, which seems to happen more often than not. That’s sort of how I stumbled onto Annual Leaf who have a handful of releases to their name, with Stay Fresh coming in as their 4th EP of the last few years. The geographical region probably forces you to look right at the guitar pop, but while I adore that, I really loved the way that singers Matt and Mel play off of each other. To me, they seem the perfect fit for the sound, sort of like all those great Comet Gain albums I’ve been hoarding for years. These are songs of warmth with a definite Aussie flare that’s immediately recognizable. Take a chance on this EP right away!

Michael Beach Readies New 7″

You all know how I love the Melbourne scene quite a bit, and Michael Beach has definitely been on my radar beforehand (he’s currently playing in the live Thigh Master band). His latest project, Michael Beach & the Artists just dropped a hook-laden 7″, which we’d love for you to listen to below. The A-side “Curtain of Night” carries this almost honky-tonk Replacements vibe; it’s got this country swagger, under the guise of traditional discordant indie rock with the faintest hints of pristine melody. On the flip B-Side, you get more of an experimental bit, with this bounding keyboard and waling guitar playing backing roles to Beach’s spoken word poetics. The group kick off a US tour at Gonerfest, followed by some East Coast dates at the start of October. The 7″ is being released by Tall Texan.

Nice To Meet You: Bluey

We as an ATH crew absolutely love that moment when you try a new piece of music and immediately love what you’re hearing. Today my new discovery joy comes by way of Melbourne based artist Lachie Gilmour and his project known as Bluey. Along with his mate Michael Vince Moin, Gilmour created an EP of new music working solely in his tiny bedroom studio. The product of his efforts so far is this single, “No Plans” which is a lovely blend of songwriters like Elliot Smith with a more electronic/bed room sound of bands like Toro y Moi or Hoops. Somehow it’s similar to those artists yet creates something truly special and unique at the same time.

No word yet on the official release date for the new EP from Bluey, but it should be coming sometime this fall on Roolette Records.

Parsnip Share Rip It Off Video

When watching this new Parsnip video, I honestly was perplexed; I’m still perplexed, which ultimately is the point, I reckon…to leave you thinking after you’ve watched. It’s filled with beautiful scenery, choreographed dance and Victorian-nutcracker attire crafted by Tim Burton. But, while I was mesmerized and trying to figure out what I was watching, my ears were burning with joy. Guitar lines jangle in psychedelic fashion while the rhythm section employs the proper cymbal work to keep this mystical enchantment. The Melbourne quartet will release their debut When the Tree Bears Fruit on August 30th via Trouble in Mind Records.


Cool Sounds Have More to Enjoy

It hasn’t taken long for Cool Sounds to follow up their excellent Cactus Country with another new LP, More to Enjoy. Today, we’re super glad to share the title track from the new LP, offering up this textural blend between psychedelia and tropicalia; it’s an intoxicating mixture of pop sensation you won’t want to miss. The band almost opens up with this classic rock vibe, harkening back to a late 60s groove, but then begin to weird it up as they build in a nice rhythmic underbelly. You’ll find the vocals have this natural wistfulness, they’re bright and melodic, but also seem to be out there searching…though ultimately finding there’s “nowhere to go.” The new LP will be out this Fall via Osborne Again and Meritorio Records.

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