Elizabeth Shares Singles Club Tune

Having released the most excellent Her with her band Totally Mild earlier this year, it’s great to hear Elizabeth going it on her own…as she’s rumored to be doing in the near future. The song below will appear on a new Split Singles Club single alongside much-hyped Stella Donnelly (deservedly so). I love the personal feel of this tune; it’s like you’ve been invited inside Elizabeth’s home to hear her try out some new tunes. Her voice is as powerful as ever, and I think American audiences will likely find some Sharon Van Etten or AngelO references to boot. It’s never too late to subscribe; go HERE.

The Shifters Announce New LP on Trouble in Mind

What!? Another band from Melbourne, Australia that rules? This time the band is The Shifters, and they’ve just announced they’ll be releasing their debut LP via Trouble in Mind Records. Our first listen has this rad bouncing rhythm line with matching guitar cuts jangling to keep the pace; it strangely grips you and never lets go. The subject matter, and accompanying video, seem to be taking a knock on a very ordinary life…which is weird because I’m working now, and then going to the gym…are these guys mocking me!? Doesn’t matter, the song is precisely what’s made the group a hot item; they release Have a Cunning Plan on September 21st.

Missed This Crepes Tune

The Melbourne scene continues to prove to be one of the more diverse, and prolific, music scenes across the globe…and rising act Crepes dropped a tune from their latest album that I completely missed. Their first single from Channel Four was an energetic number titled “Sexyland,” but they pull back on the rhythm here and let this gem just flow. Lyrics are delivered in the most casual manner, with the bass line the most prominent musical element in the mix…yet you’ll hear synth lines sparkling in the far off. You might also hear a brief nod to Phoenix in the vocal twist during the chorus…but that could just be us. Channel Four is being handled by Deaf Ambitions and Spunk, and is about to hit the streets!

Put Girlatones on Your Radar

In what continues as my undying love for all things from Melbourne, Australia, I’m here to ask you to take a look at another hot act from the city, Girlatones. They’ll entertain you with infectious dueling harmonies from male and female vocalists, but there’s enough attitude kicking here to make sure you don’t get carried away think their a simple pop band. I particularly love how they employ the slightest hint of Western swing in their ringing guitars, while the rhythm section helps the group keep the perfect pacing. This is the title track from the group’s new effort, Fitting In Well, and it seems just, as the group will surely be fitting into my heavy rotation of great Aussie acts in 2017.

Easy Rock From Post-Lovers

Post-Lovers is the Athens, Greece based project of Eleni Karageorgou. She’s got a new track out called “Melbourne,” which is part of her debut 7″. The song exposes some of what Karageorgou has in store for you– intimate indie rock in a minimalist setting. There’s a lovely level of sincerity and ease with this track and its jangly guitars and warm vocals, but I’m also digging the moments when the song picks up a bit as well. Check it out below and then go pick it up from the “A Distant Victory Singles Club” that Inner Ear Records is doing.

Wonky Pop from School Damage

School Damage is one of the latest additions to the Chapter Music roster, and the label always has their finger on the pulse in Meblbourne’s thriving scene. Bits of keyboard give the song a feeling of “wobbly” pop, but it’s the frantic pace of the percussion that provides an energetic push. You can hear faint little guitar notes too, jittering behind the front of the mix; it’s just weird enough to keep you inthe cool, but pop enough to make you come back for more. Look for the band’s self-titled LP to hit on June 2nd.

Chilled Pop from Ferla

Melbourne’s Ferla has had his music described as ‘low rent disco,’ and while I understand that sentiment, I think pop fans will surely find that there’s nothing ‘low rent’ about it. This song features Ferla’s suave vocal performance, emphasized by emphatic synth stabs in the background; it creates a relaxed vibe that one might enjoy in a dimly lit establishment of cool. This new jam features on his Guilt Pop/Stay Posi double EP, which is going to be released on May 26th by Our Golden Friend. Chill out here.

Have You Listened to Broadway? Indiepop Fans Should!

I’m always striving to find things that need to be unearthed, and that’s why I’m bringing you Broadway today…a Melbourne three-piece in need of your ears. But, that being said, the members of this band should be known to you pop fans…ties to the Cannanes and Slight of Build should be enough to pique your interest. I’m posting the standout tune, a settled pop tune with perfect male/female vocal interplay. There’s just that slight circular guitar ring/jangle that we all adore (or at least I do), but the song’s aren’t hurried, allowing for the melodies to wash over you. Look for the debut album from the trio now from Emotional Response.

New to Me: Dag Ready Debut

dagWell, there goes the rest of my day! I just happened to stop by Bedroom Suck Records, looking to see what they’ve been up to, and lo and behold new song from Dag. Dammit if it’s not just a great little bit of a swinging pop jam. I mean, it definitely has an Aussie feel to it, but I like the added pieces in the background like the strings that work against the songs natural swinging stomp. The band have a debut album titled Benefits of Solitude coming out in February, but while we wait, can we not just celebrate the genius of this track?

Plus, you can visit the band and find some early versions of this track and some others I feel that will make their way onto the new LP.

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