More New Music from Rural Alberta Advantage

runnersI’ve admitted to my adoration for Rural Alberta Advantage, but I was slightly skeptical with their last single, but it seems like this new one has things right back on track.  There’s just something about the vocals that always stick with me; it’s as if they don’t quite fit the music, yet they clearly fit perfectly into the band’s well-crafted sound.  It sounds like country-stomping indie rock, and not the Americana sort, but somewhere more developed, somewhere less-traveled perhaps.  I look forward to the group’s new effort, Mended with Gold, which comes out on September 30th via Saddle Creek Records.


Download: Runners In The Night [MP3]


Another Jam from Rural Alberta Advantage

raaI’m really excited about the new album from Rural Alberta Advantage; they always find a way to weave themselves perfectly into my life.  This new single sounds huge, production-wise, which comes with a bit of trepidation, but I love the piano matched with male/female singing.  I’m hoping that while the record has a larger quality that it still holds the intimacy the band has used in their earlier recordings; there’s a nice touch of it at the end of this song. Mended with Gold will be released on September 30th via Saddle Creek; I’m hoping for the best.

Rural Alberta Advantage Return with New Album

mendThe last Rural Alberta Advantage album, Departing, still plays quite frequently in my rotation of millions of albums.  There’s something about the band’s combination of folk-influenced rock and Nils Edenloff’s vocals that just gets in my soul, refusing to ever let go of it’s stranglehold on my ears. This song has the band opening softly, just for a moment, before the group blasts off with this pummeling roll of the drums and gang vocals from Edenloff and Amy Cole; the rest is about as good as it gets. Look for their album, Mended with Gold, on September 30th via Saddle Creek.