More Music from Hovvdy

hovvdyHovvdy seems to be one of the hottest tickets in the Austin market right now…as far as bands on the smaller scale of the world go. This song “Meg” is their second single from their forthcoming album, Taster. I think I might actually like this one a bit more than the first; it has the lo-fidelity approach that allows the earnestness of the band to breakthrough your speakers. It’s the trickling bit of pop that got really had me hooked on music in the late 90s. Look for the new tunes on April 15th via Merdurhaus/Sports Day.


Hovvdy Making Huge Waves

hovvdyAustin bands are a dime a dozen, but you’ve got to have something special to break beyond the confines of the city. It appears that Hovvdy have accomplished done that, blasting thing single all over the world rather quickly (15K listens in a matter of days!). You’ve got to be proud, as an Austinite, but you’ve also got to take note if you’re living beyond. The act is working with Merdurhaus and Sports Day Records, both reputable voices in the void, to release their debut, Taster on April 15th. Take a listen to what it’s all about, as these guys won’t be looking back.

Stream a New Loafer Track

loafer?Regardless of the fact that being a musician, in any city, seems to suck lately, Austin’s music scene is very much alive and kicking. One of the scenes I’ve kept my eye on is the group made up by Merdurhaus acts; today we’ve got a tune from the label’s Loafer. The project will release a brand new EP on April 1st (as long as it’s not a joke), and this single shows a little bit of the noodling twang that definitely pays homage to Mac Demarco…back in the home recording days. Still, I like the playfulness, such as including a soundbite mid track. Give it a twirl, and check out some of the labels other acts; there’s something for every body.

ATX Spoglight: Hola Beach Has New Tunes

holabHola Beach has a brand new tape coming out on January 3rd, and now we’ve got a second single to go with the release date. This track from the Austin act takes on the subject of brains versus booze, and which choice is best…lyrics seem to lean towards brains first. Still, the band have a casual way of providing detailed pop tracks, which you’ll inevitably play over and over again. Their new Dirt Cassette is coming out on a limited run of 50 yellow tapes via Merdurhaus, so if you’re so inclined, you’re encouraged to grab it.

ATX SPotlight: Hovvdy Release Split Tape w/ Loafer

hovvdyMerdurhaus Records are quickly making a name for themselves, releasing great tapes of some of the most promising young acts in town, such as Loafer and Summer Salt.  This week, they’re celebrating another release, which is a split between the previously mentioned Loafer and Hovvdy.  The Hovvdy jam is a quick little number, played out over synthesized beats with a hazy guitar part; it’s the sort of bedroom pop that’s made the style so endearing over the last few years.  They’ll both be playing this evening to celebrate the release of the tape over at Cheer Up Charlies, so sample and make a choice.