Sad Eyed Beatniks Announce Claudia’s Ethereal Weaver

There’s probably not a scene hotter, in my opinion, than what’s going on in San Francisco right now, and you can add Sad Eyed Beatniks to the mix of projects ready to make their name with new LPs. Kevin Linn and his project just announced Claudia’s Ethereal Weaver this last week via Meritorio, with a scheduled release for January in the new year. Our first song comes by this great video created by Mike Ramos and Karina Gill (both hot commodities on their own!). It begins with the faint sound of chimes blowing in the wind, which creates this sort of expansive openness to the tune. Just after the 30 second mark the rhythm section launches in, providing these overlapping jangling guitar lines; it honestly sounds like what you’d expect to hear from an indiepop version of Joan of Arc (and I don’t mind that one bit!). Loving that sound combined with Linn’s voice, and with it goes another quick $15 I’m personally donating to the San Fran scene; you can grab a copy HERE.

Semi Trucks Share Thank You

Next week, LA’s Semi Trucks will release their new Vs. California album via Meritorio Records, and with that, we get another track to entice you to give it some notice. Listening here, there’s this ramshackle home recording vibe, or lo-fi as the kids like to call it. In a way, it sounds like some sort of fusion between a Beat Happening record and maybe something fuzzier from the UK in the late 80s; I can even hear folks drawing some David Berman comparisons on the vocals. One thing is for sure…this tune’s the sort that kind of catches you off guard, stands out amidst the rest of the noise, then you hold it closely as you listen on repeat for years to come. Grab the whole LP next week!

Rural France Share Hosepipe Ban

We’ve been pretty supportive of Rural France in regards to their forthcoming RF LP, and today they’re sharing another single to tease us along before next week’s official release. According to the band’s Tom Brown, the riff had been bouncing around in his head for years, until one day he hit upon just the right line to tie it all together, leaving us with ‘one of those nostalgic, sad summer songs.’ Brown alludes to the Beach Boys, but in looking at more modern iterations, you can faintly hear the Wrens in this; things sound like they’re jumbled, stacking layer and layer, then all of a sudden your ear locks into the melody and you’re swept away. If ever a song encapsulated the dictionary definition of sunny wistfulness, this has to be the one! Look for RF next Friday via Meritorio Records.

Semi Trucks Share Motorbike Riding Star Single

I always wish I had talent to write songs, or even sing them for that matter. I think if I could, I’d be crafting tunes like LA’s Semi Trucks. The vocals, like mine, have this sedate baritone to it, giving off this naturally forlorn vibe, despite little nods of melody inching to the surface. Musically, the song is not-quite pop, the kind of music a pop fan would make from the shadows, illustrating that there’s a nostalgic glimmer in the eye of Brendan Sepe, reflecting on various levels of pop both past and present; I love how little noisy wrinkles mix it up too in the song’s latter half, giving just the faintest hint of rough edges to the tune. This is great pop…for sad bastards. Vs California will be out on November 26th via the esteemed Meritorio Records.

Rural France Share Sling Yr Hook

Fresh off the release of the killer “Stolen Beer,” Rural France return with the second single from their forthcoming RF record, and to no one’s surprise, it’s another fuzzy pop banger. Despite these heavy riffs, this song is pure pop through and through; it’s just bleeding melody all over your floor as it pours through your speakers. Honestly, this is some of the best no frills, solid pop rock n’ roll you’re going to hear this year. The chords ring in your ears in just the right spot, guitar solos cascade in quickly then fade away to reveal sneak peaks at the melodic underbelly, and every time you press play you’re going to wear a grin. RF will be released on October 29th via Meritorio Records.

Semi Trucks Announce Debut Album

What’s in the California water these days? Semi Trucks are the latest from the Golden State to brandish this blend of lo-fi bedroom pop that feels like the waves rolling ashore on a windless day. It’s like you’ve walked into some den of sin, smoke billowing in your eyes, and as you wipe it away, you can make out this quiet band in the corner; they’ve got a soft tambourine and this distorted guitar conducting a seance with everyone in attendance. All the while, the vocals seem caught up like the smoke, swirling and twirling around you with every breath taken. Leave breadcrumbs as you listen, as you’re likely to get lost in the caverns of this tune. The band will release Vs. California via Meritorio on November 26th.

Rural France Announce RF Album

It’s always good to depend on great labels to bring you good tunes, and I don’t think Meritorio Records has let me down even once. The label just announced the forthcoming release of RF, the latest LP from the UK’s Rural France. Our first single is this fuzz bucket of guitar pop, distorted riffs ringing throughout the track, just chomping at the bit. But, it wouldn’t be a hit to me if there weren’t some gravitational pull from the pop element, drilled in by the vocals (backing vocals included), blanketing the tune in this general warmth you just want to cuddle with. RF will be out on October 29th.

Capitol Announce All the Rest of My Heads EP

When you press play on this new track from Capitol you’re greeted with this ringing wash of dreamy guitars, swirling and spinning inside your ear canals. But, eventually the rhythm section takes control, united by the vocals to deliver this energetic bob that settles the band into this beautiful post-punk groove. Still, those guitars shimmer on the edges, still giving this ethereal quality to the band’s sound. Those angular notes keep the song tethered to to that danceable brand of dream pop, with the vocals forcing the issue by trying to match the bass step for step as the song pushes on. Good energy, nice wash of sound, good hit in the end. This tune appears on the band’s All the Rest of My Heads EP, out this September via Meritorio Records.

Monnone Alone Drop Time Is On the Run Video

Opening with Hamish Kilgour (the Clean) in your new video is bound to get some eyes turning your way, and well, if not, then at least the new Monnone Alone song is a ray of light in these rainy Austin days. I love the uplifting jangle of the guitar tones, almost hinting at sort of surf-worthy vibes, though the bright spot is the way Mark always plays with monosyllabic lines; the do-do-dos add an extra melodic texture that matches the electronic pulse of the tune. Plus, there’s a lot of open space in this tune for the guitars to kind of run and play, frolic about in the mix if you will. This is the second single on Stay Foggy, the new LP out in September via Lost and Lonesome/RoyalMint/EmoResponse/Meritorio.

Stream Another Tune from The Telephone Numbers

I’m not really sure there’s an artist at the moment that makes me feel like the world hold this infinite promise, at least not as much as Thomas Rubinstein’s voice does on the latest Telephone Numbers tune. Sure, those ringing guitar tones don’t hurt too, but really this song for me is all about Rubinstein and the song’s textured arrangements; I love a sweeping string bit, probably more so than the next guy, so match it up with one of my favorite guitar sounds and I’m in. Then Thomas throws in that chorus and I’m shook, as the kids say. Just give me the record already! Look for The Ballad of Doug via Paisley Shirt/Meritorio Records on June 25th.

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