Another New Monnone Alone Single

We alluded yesterday to new music from Monnone Alone, the latest project of Mark Monnone of Lucksmiths fame; today we have one of those new tracks to share with you. Surprisingly, it’s a pretty rocking number, almost like a barroom brawl with fuzzy guitar chords. But, it is Mark Monnone, so he’s going to spin everything he does with the best pop sensibility around. Just listen to the breakdown around 1:22 mark, building this swelling roll of poppy guitars that bring the song right back home to a sense of exuberance that seeps through your speakers. This track appears on the very limited lathe-cut 7″ being released by Emotional Response/Lost and Lonesome/Meritorio on February 22nd.

The Seams Prepare a New LP

Toronto supergroup The Seams want nothing more than to have you spend the next three minutes drifting through the realms of pop music. The first single from the group’s forthcoming LP has an undeniable hook, established from the get-go by the bouncing rhythm section. That sits in direct contrast to the way in which the vocals are crafted, scrawled across the song as if done by some musical skywriter. It’s got all the touches that make musical waves nowadays, from a slight hint of the jangles, dreamy touch on the vocals and the faintest hint of paisley to top it off. Another Side of the Seams will be co-released by Meritorio Records and Hand Drawn Dracula.

Fresh Pop Song from The Maureens

What!? You’re not up on the latest and greatest from the Dutch pop scene? Well, get acquainted with The Maureens, who are currently working on their third album, Something in the Air. Citing references from Big Star to the Beach Boys (a modern nod would have them somewhere between Nada Surf and Teenage Fanclub), the band are definitely building songs through blended harmonies and pure melody; it gives the song’s a sort of timelessness that encourages you to spend more time laying beneath your stereo soaking it all in. The new record will come in February of next year via Meritorio Records, so keep an eye out.

Spend Some Time with Meritorio Records

Perhaps the greatest thing about running this site are all the obscure labels that have reached out that have either become friends or shown me the way to new music. Spain’s Meritorio Records is one such label, and they’ve had a pretty incredible 2018…so let’s reflect on that a little bit. March saw them release a great new Stephen’s Shore album, for those already familiar with one of indiepop’s finest. Then, they turned their attention to New York’s Holy Tunics, dropping Butter Dish; it’s al album brimming with guitar pop genius that you’ll revisit time and time again. Oh, and they’re not stopping, having just released the brand new LP from Poppel…seriously, just listen to this band! Hopefully, if you haven’t heard from Meritorio before, you’ll spend some time with their recent releases below.

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