Christmas Pop from Rat Fancy

ratAfter leaving behind Sweater Girl, Diana Barraza began Rat Fancy, leaning towards creating a world where indiepop, shoegaze and emo all crash in a joyous bit of infectious pop music. The group are in the process of wrapping up their debut EP for HHBTM Records, so in the meantime, they’re giving out the free Christmas single you’ll find streaming below. You’ll hear hooks, jingle bells and attention to details that will leave you salivating for what the band have in store for us all in 2017. If you’re inclined, visit the band’s BANDCAMP to grab these single for free…then sneak them into your parent’s holiday playlist, so everyone else can enjoy your good tastes.


Merry Christmas Or Whatever

ATH Xmas 13Did you get that Flexi-7″ from your favorite band? Did your parents discover the mp3 player on QVC? Did you make something cool for your friend, like a Willie bandana with pigtails?

Did you listen to obscure or obtuse Christmas records? I just found out Erasure made a Christmas record. It has some strange stuff on it.

Is your dog holding up to yelling nieces or nephews? Perhaps pouting in the kitchen ready for a visit from the Meat Fairy?

Are these a few of your favorite things?

Anyway, whether or not you celebrate the day, be Merry. We love you.