New Ditty from Stanley Brinks and Freshcard

Over the last few years, Stanley Brinks and Freshcard have been one of my favorite duos. They craft a blend of playful indiepop and folk that fans of either genre will find endearing; they even manage to capture that playful air in their performance in the video for this single. Musically, the song’s pretty simple, with the selling point being the juxtaposition of Brinks’ and Freshcard’s voices set over a steady percussive beat and gentle guitar strum. The two will release their new collection of songs, Midnight Tequila, will be released on June 29th via Fika Recordings.



A New Release from Freshcard and Stanley Brinks

Both Freshcard and Stanley Brinks feature here on the site many a time, and they’re back with a brand new collection of songs titled Midnight Tequila. While the two tend to wear their folk influences, this batch of tracks really seems to stretch the genre, especially on tracks like “Africa” or “I’m the Boss.” Every song has redeeming qualities, though admittedly I’m partial to “Limestone” and “Olives and Wine.” You can stream the whole ten songs just below, and if you’re so inclined, you can order the CD version directly from Freshcard.