Dumb Share Video for CBC Radio 3

You haven’t heard me rave about Dumb? Well, then clearly you haven’t been following this site as of late because I’ve been pretty excited about their forthcoming LP, Club Nites. This tune gives you a little something different, and perhaps in the whole of the record, a little respite. Typically the band are offering frantic, angular chords; there’s a natural pacing that seems to race through your speakers; here, however, they’re pulling back, ever so slightly, showing patience that really allows for the innate hooks to shine through. It’s refreshing to hear them stay in their line while offering you an alternative glimpse at their sound. The album drops next week via Mint Records!

Dammit I Love Dumb

I know just what you think Dumb sounds like when you press play, so lets just put all that nonsense aside. For me, the latest single from the band’s forthcoming Club Nites is that it’s filled with this energy, but only on the surface. The band can always offer pace and angular guitar stabs, but here, the rhythm propels things while the guitars hold back. It’s this unsettling vibe that really forces you to hold onto the lyrical content/vocals just so the song doesn’t spit you up and chew you out…and the song even has this mild mannered fade out…how can you not fall in love? Dumb will release Club Nites on June 7th via Mint Records.

Start Tuesday with Dumb

If you’re like me, you need about another day of the weekend to catch up, so you might be struggling on this Tuesday morning. It’s probably best if we kick off this day with something that’s got a little bit of a punch. This new Dumb number doesn’t even give you a chance before force-feeding crunchy riffs and wonky vocals right down your gullet. Sure, you can hear a slight angular jangle in the twisting of the verses, but by and large the band’s pushing heavier riffage through the speakers as the rhythm section has you pogoing right out of your damn office chair. Get up, get loud and get Dumb, but save your best dance moves for that secret sax solo! Club Nites drops June 7th via Mint Records.

Rocking Number from Necking

I jumped right into this Necking tune because it was delivered my way via Mint Records, a hit making outfit I can always rely upon. In the release, the word “powerhouse” was utilized, and I can’t help but think that’s the most apt descriptor I can come across. It begins with this heavy, almost grunge riff, pummeling your speakers for the first 20 seconds before slinking into this seductively bouncy pop moment; don’t get too comfortable, as the quartet are working with this ‘powerhouse’ concept. As soon as the chorus screams at you, you completely fall for it; “big mouth” is howled at you, angrily, yet when juxtaposed with the verses, you’re hooked. A powerful tune from a powerhouse quartet, who will deliver their power to you via Cut Your Teeth on July 5th.

Dumb Return with Club Nites

When Dumb released Seeing Green last year, I blasted that record plenty; it was spastic and fun, yet filled with just enough hooks to satiate a pop nerd like myself. Today the band announce Club Nites, a new collection of tunes, though stylistically, it seems quite similar. It’s got that sort of wonky punk progression, bordering on being just a bit nerdy why keeping the listener a bit off balance. The vocals get delivered with this matter-of-fact spoken word, taking on the style popularized by art-school punkers of late. But, just as I thought I had it all figured out, the track spins and sputters with this angular tailspin that gets out of control before the band bring things right back to order. Club Nites will be out June 7th via Mint Records.

Kiwi Jr Share Final Single Before New LP Drops

This Friday you’ll be able to get your hands on Football Money, the new record from Kiwi Jr, and the band thought it would be a solid move to drop one final track before sending you to your record store. Here you find the band looking back on the slacker-pop of the 90s, though spun through their own wheelhouse; it sort of sounds like Pavement, with [dare I say] a better vocal. Those chiming guitars twisting and turning high up in the mix are likely to make folks swoon, or at least folks of my ilk. Football Money should be on your radar, and your shopping list; it drops Friday via Mint Records.

Pop Tune from Kiwi Jr

As a big supporter of Mint Records, I’m giving my public, and meaningless, endorsement of their latest signing, Kiwi Jr. There’s something so exuberant in their execution that’s naturally infectious. When I try to pigeonhole them, I keep thinking of the frantic excitement of Shame, compounded with the cerebral wordplay of Ought, then spun through the more playful kaleidoscope of indiepop. You can’t not have fun listening to this song, but there’s an underlying substance that you’re going to appreciate while you smile along through the rest of your day. Football Money drops on March 29th across the globe!

New Pop from Kiwi Jr

There’s only a handful of records I can trust, and Mint Records is one that always seem to dig things the way I do. They just announced they’ve teamed up with Kiwi Jr. to release the band’s Football Money on March 29th. Right away the sharp chords get your body in the move, but what I love the most is that while there’s clearly a pop-centric vibe, you can’t really pigeonhole this bunch; they sound like power-pop fans at times, then they twist it in this art-punk vibe that’s very much on trend…but then it also sounds like the scuzzy love child of POTUSA and They Might Be Giants…it’s a wild trip, but one you should take!

Dumb Deliver One More Single

There’s a brand of rock n’ roll that’s delivered sharp and quick, contrasting with the way vocals are delivered. Dumb are another act in the purveyors of said genre, with Parquet Courts and Omni springing to mind for comparison. The latest track from the Vancouver act is short, sweet and extremely rewarding; it’s got a jagged rushing guitar and this casual indifference in the manner the lyrics come across. They’ve got Seeing Green coming your way via Mint Records on June 22nd; it’s going to be a rush of enthusiastic rock n’ roll destined for your collection.

Lie Ready Hounds

Feel like today had me going into a casual place of joy, so I had to make sure I introduced you to something slightly darker, like Vancouver’s Lie(note, there’s an accent over the e, wordpress sucks). The group just announced their newest album, Hounds, by offering up this smashing number. Guitars immediately push you in one direction, rushing you with their discordant chugs as the drums shatter through your speakers. Those cavernous folks help the song’s natural ambiance, darkening your soul while your body tries to catch up with the rhythm. Plus, the new effort is guaranteed good times, as it’s being released by Mint Recs in Canada and Monofonus Press in the US; it drops July 6th.

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