I Can’t Not Share This New PWR BTTM Track

11214188_484716751697869_5820414742918648429_n-2Look, I know this is blowing up internet land already, but way back in the beginning of July I shared with you the first single from PWR BTTM, and now that they’ve returned with another excellent single, I feel compelled to stick with this group. This song, “1994,” gives a bit of a different flavor to what you’ve already come to enjoy from the duo– whereas the last track was a bit punk rock, this number puts more of a pop spin on the sound. Yea, it definitely still has its rock flair, but that chorus of “Oohs,” sort of makes it impossible to avoid singing along with the group. Lookout for this group, and their debut album, Ugly Cherries, which is due out September 18th via Miscreant and Father/Daughter Records. Preorder Here!



Punk Track From PWR BTTM


PWR BTTM are a punk duo comprised of Ben Hopkins and Liv Bruce who have put out a few EPs and demos, but are awaiting the release of their first full length record Ugly Cherries.  The title track from that upcoming record is below, and when you listen you’ll hear classic punk elements, but what makes this song striking for me are the vocals, which softens the vibe a bit and is different from what you would expect. Meanwhile, the guitar is still buzzy and those vocals gain grit and teeth as the song goes on. Lookout for more from these two and get ready for the new record due out September 18th via Father/Daughter Records and Miscreant Records.

Stream New Single from Nicholas Nicholas

nicknickListening to this track from Nicholas Nicholas, it becomes clear that he’s operating in his own world, outside of the mainstream indie compositions.  First, you can look to the dark tonal quality of the vocals, which occasionally get some lightening in various parts of the track.  Second, I love the structure of the track, seemingly stringing two separate song ideas into one.  Despite the shadowy veil on the song, there’s this inner beauty that billows in.  You can pick up his new album, Wrong, from Miscreant Records on August 19th.  Here’s “Cave.”