Chaos in Tejas Highlight: The Spits

The first band in our installment of highlights for the wonderful Chaos in Tejas is The Spits.  They’re a Seattle punk group who’ve released four LPs and a slew of compilations and 7 inches.  Listening to them, I get this old Misfits feeling, though I’m sure that’s just wishful thinking on my part.  They’re known to don costumes on stage, such as in this picture, and you’re guaranteed to get fast, dirty punk rock that’s going to have you bobbing your head, jumping up and down, or at the very least, tapping your toes.  The band will be playing their darkness punk at Red 7 on Thursday, along with some great acts ( a few from Austin) like TV Ghost and High Tension Wires.  For those with a passion for the harder edge, this is a great night to kick off the festival, so be sure to show up early and get your punk on with the Spits.


Download: The Spits – Tonight [MP3]

FT5: Band Logos

0219top5coverIn the history of popular music, there have only been a handful of truly memorable and iconic logos. While searching through all of the logos out there, I decided to try and make the list a little more interesting. So I’ve chosen my favorite band logos from a few different genres and then ranked those. There were great logos out there for crappy bands. There were band logos from my younger days that reminded me a little too much of a Yaga shirt. So follow the jump and you’ll find logos that are as timeless as the bands they represent.

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I Got Jay Reatarded Last Night

It’s less than twelve hours since I walked away from the scuzzy walls of Red Seven, and still my ears are ringing from the sheer level of noise that I gladly witnessed, as rock n’ roll returned once again to my life. It’s funny, I listen to a lot of music, but its seems rock has become less of a staple in my music dietary supplements. I would like to extend my gratitude to Jay Reatard for reaffirming my belief in it’s greatness – even with possible hearing loss.

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