Another Tune from High Sunn

Clearly, I’m really loving what I’m hearing from Justin Cheromiah and his High Sunn project. This round he does a great job of balancing the quiet/loud dynamic; you can hear the tension building in the sound as cymbals quietly crash behind Justin’s voice in the verses, before their brief choral explosion. The song goes back and forth between the two, with the noisier element winning out in the song’s latter half. This youngster seems destined to release a great record, and we’ll all know for sure when Missed Connections drops on May 4th via PNKSLM.

Foot Shuffling Single from High Sunn

There’s a natural frivolity in the music being crafted by High Sunn. People likely attribute that to the young age of Justin Cheromiah, but regardless, he’s got such mastery over his work that it’s hard not to find it endearing. Dance wildly about for the song’s first few moments, before Cheromiah slows the production with his voice cresting in a downtempo moment. Then, energy is back up and we’re bouncing through the chorus, smiling all the while. The debut record Missed Connections will be out on May 4th via PNKSLM. Just another reason all eyes are on this young project in 2018.

Enjoying This New High Sunn

PNKSLM is on a pretty solid roll right now, having just released the latest from Holy, but now they’re bringing in a slightly poppier vibe with the announcement of the debut from High Sunn. The opening minute of this track flirts with catchy jangle pop, though after 30 seconds, the frantic energy sees the song pushing further. Once the vocals from Justin jump in there’s definitely an earnestness…something that can’t be detained. There’s just hints of softness in the vocals on the chorus, which holds great contrast to the general theme. Look for Missed Connections on April 13th.